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Landlord Resources
Landlord Resources

Everything about the landlord experience on TurboTenant

Landlord Guide to the Tenant PortalLearn what your tenants can do from their tenant portal in TurboTenant. View our Demo.
What Documents do I need when Preparing for an Extension or Move-OutLearn how to prepare for a lease extension or move-out
My Lease is Ending Soon, What Should I Do?Your lease terms are expiring, here's what to do next!
How to Renew Your LeaseFor renewing for the next term, we need to update the Charges, Lease Term, and provide documentation of this change!
My Lead/Tenant is Not Responding To MessagesMy leads, applicants, and tenants are not responding to my messages through TurboTenant.
How Do You End Your Lease on TurboTenant?Tenants moving out? Never moved in? We provide the options to keep your Leases tab organized by removing them.
What is The Landlord Life Cycle?The Landlord Life Cycle encompasses every aspect of the rental process including Marketing, Screening, Leases, Forms, Payments, & Move Out.
Getting Started Landlord DemoVideo demo of TurboTenant's Landlord Portal
Rent Payments

Everything you need to know about the rent payment process on TurboTenant

Rent Payments GuideRead our full guide on how to collect rent online through TurboTenant.
Can I Stop or Cancel a Pending Payment?Can pending payments made by renters be cancelled?
How Do Payment Reminders Work?Payment reminders are sent out 7, 3, and 1 day before the due date.
1099-K Guide for Rent PaymentsLearn about who qualifies to receive a 1099-K and what types of adjustments that can be made.
Landlord Guide to Rent Reporting - How Does Rent Reporting Benefit Your Tenants’ Credit?Learn more about how to help your tenants build credit history and strengthen their credit score by using TurboTenant for rent payments
Autopay: Put Your Rent Payments On AutopilotHow to set up and use automatic payments on TurboTenant as a renter.
How Do I Edit & Delete Rent Payment Charges?Need to modify or remove a charge or rent payment within your TurboTenant account?
Setting Up Automatic Late Fees on Rent PaymentsHere’s how to authorize TurboTenant to automatically send late fee charges on your behalf as a landlord
How to Enable Autopay for Your Tenants’ Rent PaymentsAllow your renters to pay recurring charges automatically with only a few clicks.
Recording an Offline Rent PaymentEasily record payments like check, cash, or electronic payment, in the payments section of the lease profile. Click, Record offline payment.
Understanding Your Payments DashboardHow do I get the most value out of the Payments Dashboard within TurboTenant? Explore overview, charges, and deposits tabs — and more.
How to Enable Partial Payments on Rent ChargesRenting to roommates? This article will show you to enable partial payments for your lease.
Do My Tenants Get Sent a Receipt When They Pay a Charge?Sending Tenants Receipts for Rent Payments
How Do I Make a Partial Rent Payment?How do I change the rent amount if I am making a partial payment?
How Do I Export My Rent Payments?A guide to exporting rent payments
Can I Refund a Tenant Through TurboTenant?Learn how to issue a refund to your tenant including waiting until it processes and returning the funds outside of the platform.
How Long Do Rent Payments Take To Process?Rent Payment timeframe.
What Does 'Deposit Reversal' Mean on a Payment?Premium Plan landlords may experience reversal of funds after a failed tenant payment. Here's what to expect.
Can I Download a Rent Roll?Learn how to track tenants' payments, transactions, and past-due charges.
What Is An SS-4 Confirmation Letter and Form 147C, and How Can You Obtain Them?This guide explains the SS-4 Confirmation Letter & Form 147C for EIN verification during rent payment setup, and how to obtain them.
Expense Tracking for Your PropertiesUnderstand how to track expenses in TurboTenant to streamline your property's financial overview and simplify tax season
How Do I Add Business Entities in TurboTenant?A business entity is a legal construct that is created to own and manage properties, you can now reflect that ownership within TurboTenant.
Understanding Business Entities For LandlordsIn the context of real estate and the rental business, a business entity is a legal construct that is created to own and manage properties.
How Do I Set Up Unlimited Bank Accounts?Here's how to connect multiple bank accounts to your TurboTenant Premium account so you can properly route money for your rentals.
How Do I Sign Up for Instant Payouts?Learn how to get your money instantly with info on eligibility and initiating payouts!
Why Can't My Tenants Can't See Their Rent Charge?Learn the different reasons your tenants may not be able to see their rent charges.
Understanding Livble: A New Flexible Rent Payment SolutionLivble, a flexible rent payment feature with a $30 monthly fee. Outlines on eligibility, how to use it, and FAQs.
Failed Payouts and Deposit Reversals: What Do They Mean?Payment and Payout Failures and what to do when that happens.

Is There a Place for Me to Manage Documents for My Property?Keep track of your property documents in one security location in your TurboTenant account.
How to Send Messages Through TurboTenant- Landlord.Learn the features of TurboTenant's messaging system and how to get started messaging your renters.
How Do I Sign Up As A Landlord On TurboTenant?Sign-up as a Landlord for free!
I've Signed Up For TurboTenant, But I Can't Log Into My AccountWhat to look for when you can't log in.
Why is My Account Suspended After Updating My Phone Number?Learn more about troubleshooting your account to gain access after updating your phone number.
How Do I Change my Personal / Contact Information? - Landlord OnlyUpdate your personal/contact information information from within your Landlord Account Settings Page.
How Do I Update My Notification Preferences?Learn how to update your preferences as a landlord.
How Do I Change My Password? (Landlord Account)Update your password for your TurboTenant landlord account.
How Do I Add Or Delete My Custom Logo?How to remove or add your custom logo to your account.
How Do I Close My TurboTenant Landlord Account?Closing your rental or landlord portal.
How Can I Signup For TurboTenant Using My Google Login?Learn how to sign up for TurboTenant using your Google login information.
Can I Add Multiple Users to My TurboTenant Account?Can multiple users be given access to a TurboTenant account?
How Do I Unsubscribe From Emails?Learn how you can unsubscribe from emails.
How To Contact Your RenterCommunicating with your lead, applicant, tenant, or renter
How can I refer a friend to TurboTenant?Learn how to refer a friend to TurboTenant and receive an Amazon gift card!
Is There a Cost to Sign Up for TurboTenant?Find out all features included with free vs. Premium subscriptions
What is the Premium Plan Subscription?What is included in the Premium Plan subscription?