What Are The Acceptable Guidelines For A Video Tour?
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Video Tour Guidelines

TurboTenant's property listings feature video tours that serve as a helpful tool for prospective tenants to visualize your property as their potential home. In order to ensure a secure and pleasant experience for all of our users, including landlords and renters, we have established guidelines for posting property videos.

Videos posted to your TurboTenant listing must be added from YouTube or Vimeo. You will need to have a YouTube or Vimeo account to upload a video with them. Here are some links for help uploading to YouTube or Vimeo:

In order to make your video stand out, you should follow a few simple guidelines:

  • Make sure to show the features that make your listing unique (beautiful views, large walk-in closet, extra storage, etc).

  • You’ll want renters to picture themselves living on your property. The best way to do this is to film the property with the natural flow and layout of the property.

  • Think about the quality and timing of your video; a grainy video, one that is too short or too long will not make a positive impression on renters.

TurboTenant will not accept videos that violate the Fair Housing Act or videos that are discriminatory in any nature. We will also not allow videos that contain the following:

  • Commercial properties

  • Videos that focus on a person/people, not the listing

  • Videos that do not contain the marketed listing

  • Videos where it is not clear what is being displayed

  • Videos that contain inappropriate content or violate our terms of use

  • Videos that violate YouTube or Vimeo standards

To view where to add the link to your video tour on your listing click here.

If you need further assistance, please contact our support team at [email protected].

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