When you are marketing your property online through TurboTenant, every renter that expresses interest in your rental on a 3rd party listing site will automatically be sent the pre-screener. If a lead didn’t come through a 3rd party listing website you are marketing on, you can still send them the pre-screener. Here is how:

In the 'Leads' tab within your account

You can manually send the pre-screener by selecting 'send pre-screener' at the top of the page.

You can also send the Pre-screener by:

  1. Selecting the lead you want to send the Pre-screener to

2. Selecting the 'Send Pre-screener' button

In the 'Properties' tab within your account

Click on the property, then go to the Marketing tab and click "copy link" to copy the pre-screener link or "share pre-screener" to send it via text or email to your lead.

We will send you an email when the lead completes the pre-screener and their responses are available for you to view.

How do I resend the pre-screener?

If a lead has already been sent the pre-screener automatically or manually, you can resend it by clicking on the lead. Once you're in the lead's profile, click the button that says “Resend Pre-screener”.


  • Did you know that we automatically include a link to the pre-screener in your property description if you post to Facebook Marketplace? If an interested party uses the URL to fill it out, you will see their information show up in the Leads section of your account.

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