When you are marketing your property online through TurboTenant, every renter that expresses interest in your rental on a 3rd party listing site will automatically be sent the Pre-screener. You’ll get the extra information you need to easily evaluate which leads you’ll want to move forward with.

However, if a lead didn’t come through a 3rd party listing website you are marketing on, you can still send them the Pre-screener. Here is how:

  1. Go to the Leads tab within the Renters section.

  2. Select the “View Lead” button on the renter you want to send the questionnaire to.

  3. Select the “Send Questionnaire” button on the Lead’s Profile.


We will send you an email when the lead completes the questionnaire and their response is available for you to view.

How do I resend the Pre-screener?

If a lead has already been sent the questionnaire automatically or manually, you can resend it by following the same steps above. The only difference is the button you click in the Lead Profile will say “Resend Questionnaire”.

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