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Walkthrough of setting up and using unlimited bank accounts within Turbotenant

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Getting Started

In order to gain access to unlimited bank accounts, you'll first need to purchase the Premium Plan. With Premium, you can easily hook up multiple bank accounts to the same professional and easy-to-use tool. Additionally, the Premium Plan offers more than unlimited bank accounts in the form of expedited payments, unlimited state-specific lease agreements, and much more.

After purchasing the Premium Plan, you'll be able to move forward with getting unlimited bank accounts setup.

Where Do I Add Additional Bank Accounts?

Within TurboTenant, we've provided a central location to manage your bank accounts as well as added in a few additional places to easily add additional bank accounts.

1) The central location to manage your bank accounts are managed within the bank accounts tab of the account section, found on the side bar navigation.


2) Outside of the bank accounts tab, you can add additional bank accounts when setting up rent payments either during account creation or afterwards if you've purchased the premium plan.

3) Outside of the bank accounts tab & rent payments setup, you can add additional bank accounts when creating and/or editing charges.

Assigning Bank Accounts

Once you've added more than one bank account, you'll gain the ability to direct where you want payments deposited to by assigning bank accounts on a charge level for both recurring as well as one time charges.

Frequent Asked Questions

  1. Is there a limit to how many bank accounts I can add?

    1. No, you're able to add as many as you need.

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