We know landlord life is a busy one with a lot of responsibilities. With that in mind, TurboTenant makes it simple to organize all of your leads that you collect when you market your listing through us.

The Basics

What is a lead?

A lead is a potential renter who expresses interest in your property listing.

They might have seen your listing on one of our partner listing sites and filled out a contact form, or they could have seen your listing flyer and sent you a message to ask a few questions.

How does TurboTenant provide lead management?

TurboTenant makes it easier to find your next tenant by putting lead information at your fingertips.

Instead of having information spread across emails, voicemails, or just a stack of sticky notes next to your phone, TurboTenant automatically consolidates all of your leads in the Leads tab of your dashboard.

When renters express interest in your property, you receive an email from us with the lead’s contact information. Then, you can instantly view the lead in your TurboTenant account.

Manually adding leads

Did you meet a potential lead while you were out and about?

You can manually add these organic leads within the Leads section of your account by clicking Add New. You can also send these renters pre-screeners by clicking Send Pre-screener — you just need their name, email, and/or phone number.

Where do leads come from?

After you start marketing online through TurboTenant, here are a few places where leads are generated from within our platform:

  • Leads are automatically created as renters contact you from the dozens of third-party listing sites we list your property on.

  • You can manually add leads (as described above), which is a good option for any renters who reach out by phone or want to meet in person.

  • Leads are added when you share your TurboTenant property or pre-screener links.

  • When you invite someone to apply to your property, they are added as a lead so you can remember that you’ve invited them, but they haven’t completed their application yet.

Managing your leads on web or desktop

What do I do once I get a lead?

When a lead first comes in, you can Add Notes from any conversations you have with them. This will help you keep track of everyone and evaluate who might be a serious contender.

If you want to keep track of the leads you've spoken with, you can mark them as Contacted within your Leads dashboard. This will help you keep track of all interested renters so no one falls through the cracks.

How to invite leads to apply to your property

To be confident interested tenants will be good tenants, take advantage of TurboTenant’s online application and screening report. Luckily, we've made inviting a lead to apply through TurboTenant simple.

On the Applicants or the Leads page, click the Invite to Apply link in the upper righthand corner.

This is the screen in which you will add the lead's contact information. We will send them an invitation email that links directly to our online application.

Please note: If you wish to utilize Income Insights, our tenant income verification tool, you must activate it before you request a screening report or online application. Here's how to do that.

How to archive leads

If a lead is no longer interested in your property or isn’t the right fit, you can archive them by clicking the Archive Lead option on their profile.

The archived lead can be unarchived, if necessary. If an archived lead applies to your property, their application will still be shown your Applicants page.

Managing your leads on the mobile app

Curious how you can manage your leads when you're on the go? You can easily keep track of interested renters in our mobile app. This list is automatically synced with our desktop software so you can switch between the two devices with ease.

Step 1: Click on the Renters tab at the bottom of your screen.

Then, navigate to the Leads tab to view all of the leads who have applied to your property.

Step 2: Click on a specific Lead's name to view their profile.

Here, you can view their contact information and pre-screener information, if they have filled one out.

Step 3: Send the Pre-screener Questionnaire to learn more about the prospective renter, if necessary.

Or, you can invite the lead to apply to your rental by tapping Invite to Apply.

Lead Profile - Manually Added@2x

Step 4: Initiate a Call, Text, and/or Email to the lead by selecting one of the options at the top of the profile.

If you've already sent the lead a pre-screener request, you can Send a Reminder for them to complete it as well.

Lead Profile - Waiting on Pre-screener@2x
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