What is a Video Tour?

A video tour is a recorded walk-through of your property highlighting the unique features and amenities that make your place special. Adding a video tour to your listing reduces the chance you'll waste time on showings, applications, and messages from renters that aren’t a good fit.

How do I add a video tour to my property listing page?

It’s easy to attach a YouTube or Vimeo video of your property to your listing page in TurboTenant. As soon as a video is saved to your property, renters will be able to view it on your TurboTenant listing page. You can add, change, or remove your video at any time.

Note: Your video tour will not be posted on any third-party listing sites, just your TurboTenant listing page.

Recording your Video Tour

Your first step will be to record your video tour. Using a good quality mobile phone to record the video tour should suffice. We’d also suggest you take a couple of extra minutes to script out your tour so it looks cohesive.

Once you’ve recorded your video tour, you need to upload it to YouTube or Vimeo. See the links below for instructions on how to upload videos to YouTube or Vimeo:

Uploading a video through YouTube

Uploading a video through Vimeo

Note: You will need to have a Vimeo or YouTube account set up in order to be able to upload the video tour to either site.

Adding your Video Tour to TurboTenant

Step 1 - Log in to TurboTenant and go to the Properties tab

Step 2 - Click on the property you would like to upload a video tour to

Step 3 - Click Actions in the upper-right, then select Edit Property from the dropdown

Note: If you haven't added a listing yet for the property, you will have to do that first. You'll be able to add your virtual tour during the listing creation process.

Step 4 - On the edit property page, scroll down to the "Photos & Video Tour" section and click the Edit icon

Step 5 - Add the YouTube or Vimeo URL and save your changes

Don't forget to Save your work!

Note: Keep in mind that if you are marketing the property online, changes will automatically update on 3rd party listing sites within 48 hours.

Making your Video Tour Standout

Here are a few simple guidelines for ensuring your video pops!

  • Make sure to show the features that make your listing unique (beautiful views, big walk-in closet, extra storage, etc).

  • You’ll want renters to picture themselves living on your property. The best way to do this is to film the property with the natural flow and layout of the listing.

  • Think about the quality and timing of your video; a grainy video or one that is too short or too long will not make a positive impression on renters.

  • You can find more helpful tips on our blog here.

If you have questions about video guidelines, you can find more information in our Video Guideline Article. If you need further assistance, please email our support team at support@turbotenant.com.

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