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Touch Base with Your Tenants Automatically with Check-ins
Touch Base with Your Tenants Automatically with Check-ins

Automatically check-in with your tenants to see how they are enjoying your property.

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We know you care about your rental property and the tenants living there. That's why we created Check-ins via TurboTenant.

Check-ins make it easy to know how your tenants are enjoying the rental and if they have any issues. Just like you might have previously when picking up rent in person, we'll touch base with your tenants after they pay their rent.

When does the Check-in happen?

At this time Check-ins are only available to landlords who use TurboTenant for rent payments. See our rent payment guide for help getting set up.

After your Tenant pays rent, we automatically ask them how they are enjoying the rental and if there's anything they want to tell you.

They can also let you know about any maintenance requests they would like to make. Learn more about TurboTenant's Maintenance Requests here.

After they fill out the Check-in questionnaire you will receive an email with their response.

Viewing Check-ins within TurboTenant

So you have a clear record of your interactions with your tenants, you can see all past Check-ins within the lease summary page of your TurboTenant account. Just go to your Leases section and then select the leases name to view the lease profile:

Responding to a Check-in

Want to follow up with a tenant based on what they said in a Check-in? Simply click the MESSAGE button to reach out to them through TurboTenant. Just like sending a text or email, they'll be notified of your message and be able to respond.
If your Tenant selected a negative overall feeling, we suggest you follow up with them. A simple message lets asking how you can help can go a long way in establishing a healthy relationship with your tenants.

Still have questions? Reach out to our team at [email protected] for additional assistance.

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