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When renters show interest in your property, you need to evaluate each lead to see who might be a serious candidate. That's where TurboTenant’s pre-screener comes in!

What is a pre-screener or pre-screening rental application?

A pre-screener or pre-screening rental application is a short questionnaire that can help you learn more about your potential renter and whether or not they will qualify. When you turn on marketing, TurboTenant will automatically send a pre-screener to each lead who fills out a contact form for your property.

You can also send a pre-screener manually within your account by going to the Leads tab or the Properties tab and clicking on the property you want to screen the lead for.

For step-by-step instructions on sending the pre-screener to a lead, click here.

You can send the pre-screener:

On the web

On the TurboTenant mobile app

Learn more about the TurboTenant mobile app >>

On the web:

Or send it by clicking the Send Pre-screener option as shown below:

On the mobile app:

You can send the pre-screener by selecting the Renters tab and then selecting Send Pre-Screener.

Remember, TurboTenant will automatically send a pre-screener to each lead who fills out a contact form for your property either on TurboTenant or one of our property listing partner sites (e.g., Zumper).

Learn more about TurboTenant's mobile app >>

In the pre-screener, your lead is asked about:

  • Contact Information

  • Employment Situation

  • Monthly Income

  • Desired Move-in Date

  • Number of people they will be living with

  • Pets

  • Smoking

  • Any questions they have for you

Once the renter completes the questionnaire, we will send you an email letting you know so you can review their information.

If they seem like they could be a good fit, feel free to move forward with them - whether that is inviting them to see the rental or having them fill out a rental application.

You’ll be able to assess different leads faster than ever, making sure you don’t waste your time on any renters that might not be a good fit from the get-go.

How does the pre-screener differ from the Rental Application?

The pre-screener is a free short form that renters can fill out in a couple of minutes. It gives you basic information about each lead to help you quickly weed out anyone who might not be a good fit.

However, the pre-screener is not a substitute for a rental application. TurboTenant’s Online Rental Application is an extensive set of questions that gather all the industry-standard information you need to make a good decision. It is perfect for each renter you are highly considering renting to.

Our rental application asks about:

  • Rental History

  • Specific employment details

  • Proof of Income (uploading a bank statement or paystub)

  • Pet and vehicle details

  • And much more!

Along with our thorough credit, criminal, and eviction report, the rental application will help you rest easy knowing you’re renting to the right tenant.

NEW — Verify applicant-reported income against data from TransUnion with Income Insights. Learn more here.

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