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Landlord Guide to Rent Reporting - How Does Rent Reporting Benefit Your Tenants’ Credit?
Landlord Guide to Rent Reporting - How Does Rent Reporting Benefit Your Tenants’ Credit?

Learn more about how to help your tenants build credit history and strengthen their credit score by using TurboTenant for rent payments

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Rent reporting is how we report tenants' on-time rental payments to credit bureaus. It can benefit everyone but is especially helpful for renters who need a credit history. It also allows them to build their credit history without taking on additional debt, for just $4.99 a month!

Your tenants can opt into this subscription service at any time.

Benefits to Landlords

Not only can renters benefit from reporting their rent payments, but you can also. How exactly can you, their landlord, benefit from it? Here are just a few ways:

  • Reduce late rent payments by incentivizing on-time payments

  • Stand out from your competition so you can secure the best tenant possible

  • Contribute to a positive landlord-tenant relationship by helping your tenant reach their financial goals

The best part? We automatically offer this service to all tenants who use TurboTenant to pay their rent. You don't have any clicks, taps, or effort on your part. All your tenant has to do is subscribe from their end.

Help Your Tenants Access This Feature

To learn more about Rent Reporting and how your tenants can use this exclusive TurboTenant to their advantage, check out this Support Center article that walks them through the simple process and additional benefits.

You can also find more information about this service here.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does this report late or missed payments to the credit bureau? Late or missed payments are not reported to the credit bureaus. If you'd like to report your tenants late or missed payments, you'll need to contact a credit reporting agency.

Still have questions? Reach out to our team at [email protected] for additional assistance.

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