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Can I Refund a Tenant Through TurboTenant?
Can I Refund a Tenant Through TurboTenant?
Learn the best practices of refunding renters.
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Refunding Tenants

TurboTenant does not currently offer the ability to refund your tenants through our platform. However, we do recommend refunding the tenant outside of the platform after the payment has been deposited into your bank account.

Security Deposit Refunds

For security deposit refunds, we strongly advise landlords to review their local landlord/tenant laws. Generally, security deposits must be returned via mail in the form of a check. When a tenant moves out, it is important to have the new address on hand.

Although this is not a substitute for seeking out legal advice, you can use this link to access TurboTenant's State Landlord/Tenant Laws page. Additionally, we have a few helpful blogs that may provide more information:

If you are in need of more support, you may find our blog post about Customer Support helpful.

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