How Do I Embed My Property Listing On My Website?

Publish, list or embed your rentals on your own website or blog

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Do you have your own website for your property rentals? TurboTenant makes it easy to embed a list of all of your properties directly onto your own website. When you update your property on TurboTenant, those changes will automatically update on any web pages that you've embedded your listings! Interested renters can click on the property and will be directed to your TurboTenant listing page, where they can contact you & apply.

If you are not comfortable editing your own website you can always send the embed code to your web person to add the embed code for you. We made it easy to send an email with the code.


Step 1 - Log in to TurboTenant, click on Account, and then click Settings

Step 2 - Click Advanced at the top of the screen, you will see a section titled Embed Your Property List. Click the Embed Property List button.

Step 3 - A pop-up will appear with instructions on how to embed the listing to your site. Simply, copy the HTML code & paste it into the <body> section of your web page.

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All the properties actively marketing online will then appear on the web page!

Interested renters can click on the property and be directed to your TurboTenant property listing, where they can contact you & apply.

Any changes you make to your listing will automatically reflect on the web page. If you stop marketing your property online, the listing will automatically be removed from the list of embedded properties.

Embed to Wix

To add an embed to your site:

  1. Click Add Elements + in your Editor.

  2. Click Embed Code.

  3. Click Popular Embeds.

  4. Choose the type of embed you want to add to your site:

    • Embed HTML: Embed a code snippet to display a widget on your site pages and set it up.

    • Embed a site: Display an external site in a window on your page.

  5. Click your chosen embed to add it to your site.


Embed to Squarespace

  1. Edit a page or post, click Add Block or an insert point, and click Embed. For help, visit Adding content with blocks.

  2. Open the block editor by clicking the pencil icon or Edit on the block.

  3. Enter the URL of the item you're embedding. You'll need a URL from a site that uses the oEmbed standard.

  4. If the content doesn't appear, click Code snippet in the block editor on a computer (or Code in the Squarespace app) and paste an embed code manually into the text field.

More info on Embedding on Squarespace (Squarespace Help Center)

Embed to WordPress

To embed content from another site, follow these steps:

  1. Obtain the URL (i.e. the link) for the content you wish to embed from any of the supported services. Please note that although most services will provide an iframe code as an embed option, iframe code is not supported β€” you can use a plain text link in the Embed block. If you wish to use an iframe, you can use the Custom HTML block on a plugin-enabled site.

  2. Paste the URL into the text box of the Embed block and it will automatically convert itself into the appropriate embed.

  3. Preview the page or post to see how it looks.

More info on Embedding on WordPress (WordPress Help Center)

Still have questions? Reach out to our Support Team via chat or by email at [email protected].

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