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For bookkeeping or tax purposes, we know it’s helpful to have a clear record of your financial transaction.

Within the Payments tab in the left-hand menu, you will see your Payments Overview Dashboard. You can click on the Charges tab to see the charges you have sent to your tenants and which have been paid. You can also view which charges are still pending.

How to Export Paid Charges

To export a list of all paid charges, click the Export button in the right-hand corner.

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You’ll download a CSV that can be opened with Excel or Google Sheets. It can also be uploaded to your bookkeeping software or sent to your accountant.

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How to Export Deposits

Similarly, you can click on the Deposits tab within your Payments Dashboard and export a list of all payments that have been deposited into your bank account.

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What's in the CSV File?

In the CSV, you’ll see a list of each payment including:

  • Amount

  • Date Paid

  • Date Deposited

  • The name of the tenant who made the payment

  • Payment Method (Card or ACH)

  • Lease Title

  • Address

  • Any payment notes

  • Charges that were paid

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