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What Is An SS-4 Confirmation Letter and Form 147C, and How Can You Obtain Them?
What Is An SS-4 Confirmation Letter and Form 147C, and How Can You Obtain Them?

This guide explains the SS-4 Confirmation Letter & Form 147C for EIN verification during rent payment setup, and how to obtain them.

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At TurboTenant, your security and business compliance are our utmost priority. Our mission is to provide a seamless and reliable experience for all users. As part of our commitment, we integrate with Stripe, an online payment processor. During the rent payment setup process, we may ask for specific documents, such as the SS-4 Confirmation Letter or Form 147C, to validate the EIN you've provided.

This support article details what these documents are and offers guidance on procuring the SS-4 Confirmation Letter and Form 147C for your business.

SS-4 Confirmation Letter and Form 147C: An Overview

The SS-4 Confirmation Letter, also known as the "Confirmation of EIN (Employer Identification Number)," and Form 147C are IRS-issued documents. They serve to verify and confirm the authenticity and particulars of an entity's EIN. Let's dive into a bit more detail:

  • SS-4 Confirmation Letter: This letter acts as an official statement from the IRS, confirming your authorized EIN. It outlines your entity's legal name, address, EIN, and the date of issuance. This document often comes into play for validating the EIN in various financial and business activities to ensure transparency and compliance.

  • Form 147C: As another IRS document, Form 147C serves as an affirmation of an entity's EIN. It attests to the authenticity of the EIN and provides relevant information, such as legal name, address, etc., linked with the EIN. This form is typically requested to validate the EIN for business transactions, bank account opening, compliance adherence, and other regulatory purposes.

How to Obtain an SS-4 Confirmation Letter and Form 147C

To ease the process of acquiring the necessary documents, we've outlined the general steps for obtaining an SS-4 Confirmation Letter and Form 147C:

  • SS-4 Confirmation Letter:

    1. Visit the official IRS website.

    2. Go to the "Forms and Instructions" section.

    3. Locate and download Form SS-4 (Application for Employer Identification Number) towards the bottom of the page.

    4. Fill out the SS-4 form with the appropriate information about your business entity.

    5. Send the form to the IRS following the provided instructions for online application, mail, or fax.

    6. Once processed, the IRS will issue the SS-4 Confirmation Letter, complete with the authorized EIN for your business entity.

  • Form 147C:

    1. Call the IRS Business and Specialty Tax Line at 1-800-829-4933.

    2. Request a copy of Form 147C (Confirmation of EIN) from the IRS representative.

    3. Verify your identity and the ownership of the entity associated with the EIN during the call.

    4. The IRS will then mail a copy of Form 147C to the entity's registered mailing address.

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