How Do I Find a Past or Archived Tenant?

Learn where to go to find any past or archived tenants in your account.

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When a lease is terminated, the tenants will be automatically archived in the system. Their information can still be accessed by going to your Tenants tab and toggling the available slider to show past or archived tenants as demonstrated below.
โ€‹Step 1: Click on the Tenants tab in your account.

Step 2: Click Past or Archived.

From there, you'll be able to see your past or archived tenants in a list:

You will then have the option to "View Tenant" from the Past Tenant tab and access their information. From this page, you can also manage their lease and make any necessary updates (like adding them to a new lease) if they are still current tenants.

You can unarchive a Tenant by selecting the Tenant's name, and selecting "Unarchive Tenant." This will allow you to add them back to a lease profile or onto a new lease.

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