Why Am I Not Receiving Leads?
Learn the best practices of getting more leads while marketing your property!
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When marketing your property listing through TurboTenant, there can be a variety of factors that contribute to a low amount of leads coming in. We'll walk you through some potential speed bumps that can cause this, as well as ways to entice more potential tenants!

It's also important to note that there is a delay between the time you turn on the marketing online feature to the time that your listing appears because each listing website has its own schedule for updating listings. It takes 48 hours for our rental partners to update TurboTenant listings.

Below you'll read some tips and tricks that are proven to increase your lead count!

Tips and Troubleshooting

Upload at Least 10 Photos

Take good, quality photos of your property, and make sure to upload a minimum of 10 photos to the TurboTenant listing. We recommend taking horizontal photos, not vertical photos. Organize the photos as you would walk through the property ie: outside photos, rooms as you walk through the property, then bedrooms, then backyard, and garage)

Verify the Address is in Standard Format

It's important to double-check the address in your listing to make sure it is listed in a standard format such as 123 Main Street Unit 1, City, State, 00000 for the best listing visibility on third-party sites. Room rentals should have a unit number to distinguish them from the full property.

Use the Rent Estimate Report Tool

Using the Rent Estimate Report tool here, you can evaluate your rental rate and determine whether or not it is competitive with the current market.

Edit Your Listing

Go to your Properties tab, click on the rental, then click Edit to make any necessary adjustments to the listing. Remembering that any changes saved will take 48 hours to syndicate to the third-party sites.

Refresh Your Listing

One thing you might want to try is refreshing your listing, either changing up the order of the photos, adding/removing something from the listing description, etc. Anytime you make a change to your listing, it 'refreshes' on third-party listing sites and could bump your rental up to the top of the list and land on fresh eyes.

Not seeing your listing on third-party sites after 48-hours?

If you find that you still aren’t seeing your property listing on our third-party sites after 48 hours, we invite you to reach out to our friendly team of experts in the TurboTenant Support Center. We’re more than happy to provide any assistance or answer any questions you may have.

For the quickest response, we suggest submitting a ticket or live-chatting with us through the Support Center, and we’ll follow up right away. You can also email support@turbotenant.com.

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