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My Lead/Tenant is Not Responding To Messages
My Lead/Tenant is Not Responding To Messages

My leads, applicants, and tenants are not responding to my messages through TurboTenant.

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When you send a message to your lead, applicant or tenant, they get an email letting them know that you are messaging them through TurboTenant.

Once the renter opens up that email, they can follow the link that says "view message". From there if this is their first time with TurboTenant, they will need to select "Didn't Set Password Yet". This will prompt them to create the account to view messages.

If they are already set up within TurboTenant, they can view messages on their dashboard under the "messages" tab. They will see a number next to the unread message:

Once you receive a reply you will see their message bolded at the top of your messages tab:

If the renter is not responding to your message, you can send them another message through TurboTenant, or send them a text or an email using the contact information they provided.

TurboTip: If the renter is telling you that they are not receiving the emails about messages, double-check that the email is listed correctly. If it is not, they can change in their account or you can change it for them as long as they have not logged into TurboTenant.

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