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Streamline your showing process with less back-and-forth and automated reminders

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What is Showing Scheduling?

Showing Scheduling in TurboTenant lets landlords easily input their availability and then invite renters to book showing times within that window.

Why use Showing Scheduling?

  • Less Back and Forth - If a lead is interested, you no longer need to manage the back-and-forth text or email to find a good time. Just send a link - it's that easy.

  • Lessen No Shows - TurboTenant will send reminders 24 and 2 hours before the showing time complete with the address and any showing instructions you add. Plus, you and your tenants can easily cancel if plans change so you don't waste a trip.

  • Professional and Easy - Start off your relationship with your new tenants with a slick, easy tool for them to use.

How do I use Showing Scheduling?

Setting Your Availability

To set your availability, visit the Showing Scheduling Page. You can find it easily from the Dashboard.

Once you're there, select the 'Availability' tab.

From here, click 'Add Availability' for each rental you're showing:

You'll be able to select the days and time ranges you're available, and we'll create 15-minute time slots for renters to be able to book.

Deleting Availability

You can also easily remove any of the availability you set if your plans change or you find the right renter to move in!

Showing Instructions

If you have any specific instructions, such as where to park or how to enter the property, you set them in the Showing Instructions section. Just click the 'Edit' button.

Invite your Tenants

From the Showings Section

Use the big 'Invite To A Showing' button. You will get a link to send via text, email, or TurboTenant messaging so renters can schedule a time from your availability.

These renters can already be in your TurboTenant account as Leads or Applicants. Or you can send the link to renters not yet in TurboTenant. When they book a time they will appear as a Lead, alongside all your other renters.

Note: You need to have future availability to invite renters to schedule a showing.

From the Leads Index

Use the three dots next to the renter you'd like to invite, and then select "Invite to Showing."

From a Lead Profile

Use the "Invite to Showing" button on the lead profile, beneath the pre-screener section, to invite a lead from their profile. .

View your Scheduled Showings

After you've invited renters, you can then view any upcoming times they've scheduled in the Scheduled Tab.

Showing Emails

When using showings, you and your renters will get the following emails

  • Confirmation email when the renter books a time

  • Reminder emails 24 and 2 hours before a scheduled showing time

  • Follow-up email 2 hours after a showing to see what your next steps for that renter are

Each email will share the address, contact information, and any showing instructions that you have set. We'll also ask each renter to complete the Pre-screener if they haven't already.

There will also be easy options to Cancel a Showing if plans change so no one's time is wasted.

Canceling a Showing

Renters will be able to cancel a showing from the emails they receive.

You can cancel a showing from the emails as well. Or you can go to the Scheduled Tab and click to cancel any scheduled showing from there.

Booking a Showing as a Renter

Once they click on the invite link, renters will be taken to a page that shows all of your availability broken up into 15-minute time slots.

  • If another renter has booked a time, it will not show as available.

  • If your availability is less than 4 hours in the future, a renter will not be able to book a time.

  • We will ask the renter to enter their name, email, and phone number so that if they are not already a lead in TurboTenant, they will appear in your account so you can keep track of their information.

  • Once a renter books a time they will get a confirmation email as well as reminder emails 24 and 2 hours before their scheduled time.

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