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Renter Resources
Renter Resources

Get the most out of TruboTenant to be a great tenant

How To Create a Maintenance RequestLearn how you can send your landlord a maintenance request from your Renter Portal!
About Your Tenant PortalAn overview of everything you can do in your Tenant Portal! View our Demo.
How do I upload documents after I finish my application?My landlord requested additional documents, where do I upload them to?
Can I Use an International Address During the Application Process?Can I use an international address on my application?
Why am I Receiving an Error When I am Trying to Submit an Application?Seeing an error message on your application? Here are some steps you can take to try & fix it!
How to Pay Rent EarlyLearn how to make a payment earlier than the due date.
How do I view a document my Landlord shared with me?You can view completed documents shared by your Landlord by accessing the documents section of your profile.
How do I fix TransUnion Errors?TransUnion Verification Errors & Ways to correct the issue.
Application Status for RentersWhat is the status of your rental application?
Condition Report for RentersGuide for Renters: Use online condition reports to document your rental’s condition at move-in and move-out
How to Book or Cancel a Showing as a RenterSee the steps on how to book a showing when invited by a landlord.
How to Complete a Condition Report - RenterLearn how to submit a condition report.
How to Recognize and Avoid Scams in Rental HousingCheck out these simple tips to keep your rental experience safe and fraud-free!
I Moved Out, Why Am I Still Getting Emails?Why am I still getting emails even though I am not a tenant?
I Paid My Landlord Outside of TurboTenant, and I Am Still Getting NotificationsIf you submitted an offline payment, your Landlord will need to mark this payment as paid manually in their landlord account.
I Submitted My Application and I Haven't Heard From the Landlord.How do I check my application status, revoke my application, and contact the Landlord?
How Do I Know This Property Is For Rent?You found a listing on TurboTenant, how can you verify availability?
Maintenance Requests with LulaEverything tenants need to know when their Landlord uses Lula for Maintenance