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Maintenance Requests with Lula
Maintenance Requests with Lula

Everything tenants need to know when their Landlord uses Lula for Maintenance

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What is Lula?

Lula is an award-winning platform focusing on providing responsive rental property maintenance for rental property owners and their tenants. They troubleshoot with you and, if needed, will send out a vetted Pro to do the work.

How it works

  1. To get started, follow our step-by-step Maintenance Request Guide to submit a maintenance request.

  2. The process after submission may vary depending on your landlord's settings.

    1. Autosend: If your landlord has chosen to automatically send all maintenance requests to Lula, you'll receive a text message from a Lula Expert shortly after you submit the request. These experts are seasoned professionals from Lula's operations team, possessing backgrounds in property management, contractor services, project management, and customer support. The Lula Expert will guide you through the troubleshooting process.

    2. Manual send: If your landlord has chosen to manually send maintenance requests to Lula, one of two scenarios will occur:

      1. Your landlord may directly contact you to address the maintenance request.

      2. Alternatively, a Lula Expert may reach out to you if the landlord decides to involve Lula in handling the request.

  3. If the Lula Expert has assisted you with troubleshooting and determined that a Pro visit is required, you'll be asked to provide your availability for scheduling.

    1. The Lula Expert will then identify the most suitable Pro in your area and dispatch them to your location.

  4. Lula Experts will handle communication with your landlord regarding the cost and estimate.

  5. Once the work is done, TurboTenant will charge the Landlord directly for the maintenance work.


Communication with Lula

How to Interact with Lula Experts:

  • To engage with Lula Experts, simply respond to the text message they send when you have a maintenance request.

  • Lula Experts may offer guidance such as resetting a circuit breaker, restarting a pilot light, or reconnecting a flapper chain, all aimed at resolving common issues.

    • There is no additional charge for this service for you or your landlord; it is included as part of the Maintenance Plus subscription.

Response Time Expectations and Communication Channels

  • Available 24/7/365, US-based Lula maintenance experts will initiate contact with the tenant via text messaging within minutes.

    • During this exchange, you can share pictures or videos to facilitate problem-solving. The goal is to address your concerns, ensuring a prompt resolution to maintenance issues.

  • If, at any point, you need to speak directly to a Lula representative, you can call Lula at 913-444-9295.

Lula's Commitment to Satisfaction

After the maintenance request has been addressed, Lula may seek feedback regarding your satisfaction with the service provided.

This feedback helps Lula continually improve its service and ensure that both tenants and landlords have a positive experience throughout the maintenance process.

Still have questions? Reach out to our Support Team via chat or by email at [email protected]

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