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About Your Tenant Portal
About Your Tenant Portal

An overview of your Tenant Portal and what you can do in your portal!

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What's in the Tenant Portal?

There are multiple different sections within the tenant portal that you will see.



When you set your password and log in, you will see any outstanding to-dos. These "to-do" actions are items of action such as:

  • Electronically signing a document

  • Paying a charge

  • Upload proof of renters insurance or purchase a policy through our partners at SURE

This makes sure you can easily stay on top of important tasks.


Here you can see your payment history, including which charges are paid, unpaid, or past-due. You can also click on a charge to see your payment information such as the date it was paid and what account was used.

TurboTip: Once a payment has been submitted, there isn't an option in the platform to stop/delay the payment. This is due to the payment processor, Stripe, accepting and processing the payments. If you need to change your payment method, you will want to do this before making a payment, by changing your payment method in your Settings.


Any documents shared from your landlord will be found in your Documents tab! This can include your signed lease agreement, addendums, move-in/out reports, and more. You can download a copy of these documents from this page as well using the download button to the right of the document.


Here you can submit and track progress on any maintenance requests sent to your landlord. You can create a maintenance request in just a few steps!


Renters insurance protects you and your landlord from any unfortunate events. If your landlord requires renter's insurance, you will be asked to upload proof of your policy within the portal. You can also affordably purchase renter's insurance through our partner SURE if you don’t already have it.


You can send your landlord messages and images through your tenant portal. Your conversations are all stored in one place, instead of spread across texts, emails, and voicemails.



Your account settings will allow you to view and change your account information such as your email, phone number, name, and password.

Rent Payments

In the Rent Payments tab you can view your past receipts, the rent payment method added, and enroll in autopay. Here is where you can update your rent payment method to a different bank account or card.


In the Billing tab, you can see the card added for billing purposes and update/delete it if needed, see any receipts from subscription or application purchases, and sign up for Rent Reporting!

Still have questions? Reach out to our Support Team via chat or by email at [email protected].

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