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How do I apply to a TurboTenant property?
How do I apply to a TurboTenant property?
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If you saw a TurboTenant property listed on a property listing website, through Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace, you may have seen a link. Click on the link to view the full listing with the landlord's contact information and the online application. You can also message the landlord to ask any questions you may have about the property for rent on this page if you want to schedule a showing before applying!

From here you can click the Apply Now link to get started on your application!

If you know the address of the property or have the TurboTenant property ID number, you can click here to search for the full listing on TurboTenant.

What to expect on the application.

You will see several sections, starting with creating your account if you don't already have one and adding your personal contact information.

You will also add your current and past addresses.

In the next section, you will provide information about your current income, including the following:

  • Current & past employers, including compensation

  • Employer contact info

  • Other income sources if applicable

  • Current financial institution

In the fourth section, you will answer a few questions about your living habits and preferences/needs, including whether or not they have pets, plan to have vehicles at the property, or smoke.

Next, you will answer a few standard background questions.

You will be asked certify that all the information is correct and grant permission for your application to be shared with the landlord.

The documents section is next. Here you can upload any documents that you have to share. We list the most common items requested by landlords.


The application fee is next. Follow the prompts to add your card of choice and click the Pay $55. This does also include the screening report as well. There are no additional fees once this is paid. Your application will be sent to the landlord's account within moments!

Completing this step also creates your renter account. You can login here. Remember to create your password the first time you login.

Additional Tips

  • You can login to your account and message the landlord at any time to see where they are in the selection process.

  • The application can also include the short verification process for your screening report.

  • If you need help or experience any issues during the application process you can reach out to us at

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