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How to Complete a Condition Report - Renter
How to Complete a Condition Report - Renter

Learn how to submit a condition report.

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What is a condition report?

A condition report is a document that your landlord will prepare for you before you move in, during your tenancy, or after you move out, noting the property's condition.

These reports are an excellent way to document damage from previous tenants, damage or fixes during your tenancy, and the property's condition when you leave.

I got a request to fill out a condition report - now what?

You would have received an email asking you to submit a condition report. You can also view that prompt on your TurboTenant dashboard:

The report that your landlord is requesting should be customized to your property (room rental, shared property, entire property). If you see any rooms or additions that you are not responsible for, you will need to contact your landlord.

Once you select Start Report, you can use the drop-down menu to add your conditions for specific areas of the property. In this example, you need to submit information for one bedroom, one bathroom, and the living room.

You can select the category, poor, fair, or good, for the specific area the landlord requests. Once you rate the area, you can use the pencil to add photos or elaborate on why you rated it the way you did -

TurboTip- Any items not marked in any condition will automatically be set as 'good'. Rooms and Areas rated poor or fair will require a comment.

Once you have completed the report, you will be asked to sign it and send it to the landlord for review.

Still have questions? Reach out to our Support Team via chat or by email at [email protected].

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