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Condition Report for Renters
Condition Report for Renters

Guide for Renters: Use online condition reports to document your rental’s condition at move-in and move-out

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What are Condition Reports?

Condition Reports in TurboTenant are digital versions of the reports that your landlord requires you to fill out at move-in, move-out, or during any periodic inspections. You may also know them as “move-in/move-out” checklists.

Condition Reports are used to keep record of the condition of a property before, during, and after you live there. They are important when determining if any maintenance is required at move-in or move-out and help you appropriately document the condition of your rental to determine security deposit deductions when you move out.

How do I use Condition Reports?

Follow our guide below to fill out and submit your first condition report!

Note: Only one person can submit the report. If there is more than one person on your lease, please coordinate accordingly as to who will submit the report.

Finding Condition Reports

You’ll receive an email from your landlord prompting you to fill out the condition report. It will look similar to this:

You can also access the condition report on the dashboard in your tenant portal. It will appear in a card on your To-Do tab, and includes the due date your landlord set.

Click on Start Report to begin completing the report.

We recommend filling out this report as soon as possible. However, if you ever need to leave and come back to it, there is an option to Save & Finish Later.

To finish your report, you can access it in your tenant portal dashboard under the To Do tab. Simply click on Finish Report.

Filling Out a Condition Report

You can complete the condition report either on your phone or computer through your tenant portal.

Go through each room and feature and mark them as "Poor," "Fair," or "Good.”

  • Poor: The room or feature is in an unsatisfactory condition.

  • Fair: The room or feature is in a livable condition, but may require work or maintenance to be completed to make it “good.”

  • Good: The room or feature is in satisfactory condition.

For items you mark as “Poor” or “Fair,” you will be prompted to add notes about their condition. You are required to add notes for any rooms or features you mark as “Poor” or “Fair.”

We recommend attaching photos of a feature or room's status. The landlord will be able to view these once you sign and submit the report.

Note: If you do not go through each section of the report, any remaining items without a note or condition will automatically be marked as “Good.”

Signing & Approving Your Condition Report

After you complete each section of the condition report, you’ll be prompted to sign off on the report.

Click Agree and Sign to add your digital signature to the report.

At this point, your landlord will receive an email prompting them to approve and sign the report. You can view status updates on your report at any point during the review process by going to the Documents tab of your tenant portal.

Once your landlord approves and signs, the condition report is complete! You will receive a copy of the report and can download it for your records.

You can also submit maintenance requests for any items you marked as “Poor” so they can be addressed right away.

Accessing Completed Condition Reports

You’ll be able to access and reference your completed condition report at any time from your tenant portal – during tenancy, and then after your lease ends, too.

To do so, click on the Documents tab on your tenant portal dashboard.

From here, find the report you want to download and view by clicking the Download button.

This is also where you can reference any photos you took – example below.

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