TurboTenant Lease

What is a TurboTenant Lease?

Leases within TurboTenant create a connection between a Renter and your Property. This allows you to easily organize several Renters on one Property, by attaching them to a Lease. Leases also help you keep track of important details and documents in one place, making Landlording a breeze. A Lease in TurboTenant does NOT create a written agreement or legal document.

The Lease Section

When you first land on the Leases section you'll see all the active Leases you have. The active Leases section displays Upcoming Leases with a future start date and Current Leases. Each Lease displays the Tenants on the Lease, the Property address, and the start & end date of the Lease.

Once your Lease has reached its end date, it will be added to the Past Leases section which you can access by clicking SEE PAST LEASES.


Managing Your Lease

For more information about the Lease and the Tenants on the Lease, click MANAGE LEASE. Within the individual Lease view, you'll see each Tenant on the Lease and the most important information about them.


Lease Documents

Keep track of Lease specific documents in one place. Add a signed copy of the Lease document, your move in/out checklists, condition report, and any other documents you need handy. These documents will NOT be shared with your Tenants and are just for you. The following file extensions are supported for uploading: pdf, docx, doc, txt, rtf, xls, png, jpeg. 

Adding or Removing Tenants

Need to add another Renter to the Lease or remove one? Click the   EDIT_TENANTS_ON_THIS_LEASE.png   button to open the edit options. Removing a Tenant from the Lease will give you the option to convert them back to an Applicant, move them to a different Lease, or make them a past Tenant. If you're looking to add a Renter to the Lease click  ADD_RENTER_TO_LEASE.png.

Editing Your Lease

Need to move the start date up or maybe you decided on a 6-month Lease instead of a year? Click Edit.pngto open the Edit Lease dialogue and change the Lease Property, start date, end date, rent amount, or security deposit. Leases are converted to PAST LEASES on their end date, unless you edit the end date renew the Lease. Your Tenants will NOT be sent a notification of the changes you've made.

Ending Your Lease

Has your Tenant given notice or is it move out time? Use the End_Lease.png button to enter the exact end date of the Lease. The Lease will automatically move to PAST LEASES and the Tenants associated with the Lease will become PAST TENANTS if they are not already attached to a new Lease. No notifications are sent to your Tenant when these changes are made. 

Renewing Your Lease

Has your Tenant decided to renew the Lease or re-sign one with new roommates? If so you can renew the Lease instead of creating a new one. Simply click RENEW LEASE and add the new details. 
If you do not renew the lease. those tenants will be automatically archived in the system. You can still find their information by clicking SEE PAST TENANTS on the tenants' page. 


Have an Applicant you're ready to move in?
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