Create a legally valid, state-specific lease agreement, right in TurboTenant! We’ll prefill information you have already provided and let you add the remaining details you need to customize the lease. It makes getting a custom lease agreement simple, quick, and affordable. Log in to TurboTenant to get started.

Once you have created, reviewed, and purchased your lease agreement for $29, you can immediately send it out for signatures using TurboTenant’s E-Sign functionality. If you are getting the agreement signed outside of TurboTenant, you can download a PDF of the document and print it out.

Create Your Lease Agreement

(1) First, you need to add your lease details to TurboTenant. A lease in TurboTenant keeps your property, tenants, and lease details organized in one place. Once you are on the lease page, click on one of the options to create your own lease agreement.

(2) You’ll see an introduction page that provides some more information about creating the lease agreement. After you read through that page and click to continue, you’ll end up on the main lease agreement creation page.

These 6 sections are the main parts of the lease agreement that you will be able to customize. There are other sections of the lease agreement that include all the standard clauses you’ll need to cover things like subletting, changing locks, and noise complaints. Those sections aren’t customizable because they were carefully designed by a team of professional landlords and local lawyers to keep you covered and compliant.

Click here to learn more about the specifics of the lease agreement for your state.

(3) Go through each of the 6 steps to create your lease agreement. We will prefill any information we have based on what you entered previously in TurboTenant.

Below is an example of the “Lease Specifics” step, where information about the rental property and the lease dates is prefilled.

(4) Once you have completed all 6 steps, you’ll notice at the top of the main lease agreement creation page that your next step is to review the agreement.

Review Your Lease Agreement

Once you have finished creating your lease agreement, you’ll need to review it and pay for it to be able to use it.

(1) Read through the PDF preview of your lease agreement. If you notice any issues with the information you entered during the creation process, you can easily go back and make changes.

(2) Once you have reviewed the agreement, purchase it for $29. After that, you’ll be taken back to the lease page, and you’ll see your lease agreement under the “Documents” section. From there, you can either download it or send it out to be signed electronically by your tenants.

Get Your Lease Agreement Signed

With your lease agreement successfully purchased, you can now use TurboTenant’s E-Sign functionality at no extra cost.

(1) Click the “Request E-Signature” button to start the process. You’ll have the ability to add any additional attachments to the lease agreement, which will show up as addendums.

Learn more about adding attachments to a lease agreement.

(2) Electronic signature prompts are automatically placed within the lease agreement for the parties that need to sign. You’ll have the option to place additional signature prompts in the document if you choose to do so.

(3) Click the “Continue” button in the upper right of the signature prompt placement screen to complete the process and send notifications to your tenants.

The rest of the process is very similar to the standard E-Sign process within TurboTenant.

Once all parties have signed, the signed copy of the lease agreement will be stored electronically in your TurboTenant account. You’ll be able to download a PDF of the signed document for your own records as well.

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