Creating a Lease Agreement

Learn how to create a TurboTenant lease agreement and send it out for electronic signatures.

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Creating a lease agreement in TurboTenant is easy! We've designed the process and the lease to be easy to use, flexible, and affordable. We pre-fill any information we already have, and you fill in the rest of the details to customize your lease.

If you want further customization in your lease, you can use the Provisions & Attachments section at the end of the design process to add or overwrite anything to the lease terms.

Video Walkthrough

In the brief video below, we walk you through the whole lease agreement process in TurboTenant.

Creating Your Lease Agreement

Step 1 - Log into your account and go to your Leases tab

Step 2 - Add your lease details and profile to TurboTenant, then click Get a (state) Lease Agreement.

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  • You can also start your lease agreement from your Dashboard or your Forms tab.

  • You'll be able to create a new property and/or lease during the flow.

Step 3 - On the Lease Agreement Overview, you can learn more about the process and start to build your lease agreement.

Fill out each of the sections that we have not automatically filled out to create your lease agreement.


  • Below is an example of the “Lease Specifics” step, where information about the rental property and the lease dates is prefilled.

  • As you are filling out your lease agreement, you'll be able to preview the actual agreement that you're in the process of creating.

Customizing the Lease:

You can click on the final Provisions & Attachments section when building your lease agreement to enter any specifics you would like to include in your lease. This will supersede what is written in the lease agreement.


  • The default language in the lease can be edited with the Advanced Editor after all sections of the lease builder are completed.

    Legal Disclaimer: Changing some terms in the lease may conflict with state or local laws. You may want to check with an attorney for compliance. If you make large edits, we recommend speaking with an attorney.

  • If you are adding your own late fee specifications, etc., we recommend checking out your local landlord-tenant laws to ensure you follow the laws in your state.

Step 4 - When you're done, read through the PDF preview of your lease agreement.

If you've found something you'd like to change, you can go in and make adjustments to whichever section you like prior to finalizing. If everything looks correct, you can select "Finalize & E-Sign."

Step 5 - Purchase the completed lease agreement.

You can purchase a one-time lease agreement (price varies) or sign up for the Premium Plan to get unlimited lease agreements in your state.

  • Purchasing a lease agreement includes the e-signature, which is the next step of the process.


  • If you choose to Skip For Now for the e-signature portion, we store your completed lease agreement on the lease profile that it is associated with. From there, you can download the document to print by clicking the hyperlinked Lease Agreement, or send it out electronically to get signed.

Step 6 - Click the Request E-Signature button.

  • Here, you’ll have another opportunity to add attachments to the lease agreement.

You can learn more about adding attachments to a lease agreement here.

Step 7 - Electronic signature prompts are automatically placed within the lease agreement for the parties that need to sign.

These prompts are the places where a tenant's or a landlord's signature is required.

If you've uploaded attachments, you must place signature prompts on those fields on your own so that the tenant can sign there.

Step 9 - Click the Continue button in the upper right of the signature prompt.

We will then begin the email notification process with your tenant.

The rest of the process is very similar to the standard E-Sign process within TurboTenant.

Once all parties have signed, the signed copy of the lease agreement will be stored electronically in your TurboTenant account, in the lease profile that is associated with the lease agreement. Your tenant will receive a copy of the signed lease agreement and can access the lease agreement within the Documents section in their tenant portal. You’ll be able to download a PDF of the signed document for your own records as well.

Printing The Lease Agreement

You can download and/or print the document to print by clicking the hyperlinked Lease Agreement. You will see the hyperlinked lease whether it is completed or once it has been finalized.


  • The lease can only be printed if you have purchased the lease agreement or if you have finished each section of the lease and have finalized the draft.

Deleting The Lease Agreement

Did you make a mistake or need to start over? Click on the trashcan icon! Just so you know, deleting the lease agreement is permanent and cannot be undone. It is recommended to keep a finalized lease agreement.

Disclaimer: Changing some terms in the lease may conflict with state or local laws. If you make large edits, we recommend speaking with an attorney. Please have a look at your specific state lease agreement for more information. TurboTenant is not responsible for edits that are not compliant with state laws. TurboTenant is unable to provide legal advice.

Still have questions? Reach out to our Support Team via chat or by email at [email protected].

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