Moving in a Renter
Learn how to assign a renter to a lease within TurboTenant, after deciding they're a great fit for your property
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Found someone who’s a great fit for your property? It's time to move them in — both in real life as well as within TurboTenant.

When an applicant becomes a tenant, TurboTenant attaches them to a lease for the property they will move into, allowing you to easily organize several renters assigned to the same property.

How to Convert an Applicant to a Tenant in TurboTenant

You’ll find the Moving In option within an Applicant's profile.

To get here, click on the Applicants tab in the main navigation of your dashboard, then select the individual to view their profile.

From here, it's as easy as clicking Moving In in the upper righthand corner of your screen.

For applicants who are not a great fit and will not be moving in, we suggest reading this help center article: How do I work with applicants who are not moving in?

What is a TurboTenant Lease?

Leases within TurboTenant create a connection between a renter and your property. They help you keep important details and documents organized in one place.

A lease in TurboTenant does NOT create a written agreement or legal document. This is a feature you will need to set up separately. Learn more about managing leases in TurboTenant.

Adding a Renter to a Lease

When you click Moving In, you'll be prompted to add the renter to a lease.

If you have not already added a lease within TurboTenant, you'll need to add one before you can move in the renter.

If you already have an existing lease that you'd like to add the renter to, simply select it from the dropdown menu.

You can also move in tenants to an existing lease by clicking on the desired lease under the Leases tab. Then click Add Tenants.

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