Found someone who’s a great fit for your property? Once you have a Renter you've screened, it's time to get them moved in both in real life as well as within TurboTenant. When a Renter becomes a Tenant, TurboTenant attaches them to a Lease, allowing you to easily organize several Renters on one Property.

Moving In

You’ll find the Moving In option within an Applicant's profile. Navigate to the Renters section -> Applicants tab and click on the individual to view their profile. After looking over their application and screening report (if you’ve requested one) if you've decided they are a great fit for your property, click MOVING IN.

Not such a great fit? Read more about options for Renters who are not moving in our Renters who are Not Moving in Help Center Article.


What is a TurboTenant Lease?

Clicking MOVING IN will prompt you to add the Renter to a lease. Leases within TurboTenant create a connection between a Renter and your Property. Leases help you keep important details and documents organized and in one place. A Lease in TurboTenant does NOT create a written agreement or legal document.

Learn more about Leases in this Leases Help Center Article.

If you have not already added a lease within TurboTenant, you will be prompted to add one before moving in a renter. You can add the Renter to an existing Lease if you have one. Remember this is NOT creating a Lease agreement, it is for organizational purposes only.

If another Renter will be on this Lease, click ADD RENTERS for a list of Applicants & current Tenants who have also applied to this Property.


Once a Lease has been created you’ll see your APPLICANT is now a TENANT.


You'll find them in the TENANTS tab of the RENTERS section.


You’ll also see your new lease within the LEASES section of TurboTenant.

Have another renter to add to the lease?

Check out this article for adding additional renters to leases.

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