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Can I Copy a Lease Agreement?

How to copy a lease agreement from one tenant to another.

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Did you create a lease that you love? Good news: If you need to make another lease with the same terms, you do not have to redo the entire document! TurboTenant now allows you to create a lease agreement for one tenant and then copy the text of that lease for another tenant.

Here is how to get started and copy your lease agreement:

First - Start by selecting 'Add New' from the leases tab and entering the details for the new tenant and their terms:

TurboTip- You will need to create a new lease profile for the new tenant(s) first in order to copy the lease from another lease profile. Here is how to add a new lease agreement.

Second - After you have the new lease profile created (in this case we are creating a copied lease for Rick), you can go back to the leases tab, and select the name of the lease that you want to copy (Sunrise in this scenario).

Third - Select the three vertical dots next to the lease agreement title and select 'copy'. From there, you will be asked where to copy the lease agreement; this is where you will choose the new lease profile that you created for the new tenant:

Last - Once you have copied the lease agreement from one lease profile to another, you can add all of the tenant details and terms, add any attachments that you may need, and then send the document for signatures! Learn more about E-Sign here.

TurboTip - You will be automatically brought to the new lease agreement to start building. This is where you will add your terms, tenant(s) information, attachments, and provisions (if applicable).


Can I copy over a lease that I used the Advanced Editor on?

  • No, at this time any edits in the Advanced Editor are not able to be copied into another lease as the Advanced Editor can only be used once the Lease Builder is fully complete.

Can I make edits to a copy lease if I need to?

  • Yes, you can still make edits to a copied-over lease agreement. You will just want to use the "Edit" button on that lease builder section to change or update what you need, the rest will stay copied as is.

Still have questions? Reach out to our Support Team via chat or by email at [email protected].

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