TurboTenant allows you to message renters (and landlords) right from your account. If you are a renter and want to learn more about messaging a landlord click here!

Landlords can even send a bulk message to multiple leads in a few easy steps! Access your conversation history along with your renter's information all in one place to make the rental process even more streamlined.

Messaging a Single Lead:

Step 1 - Log in to your TurboTenant account and click on the Leads tab

Step 2 - Click on the specific lead you would like to message

Step 3 - Click the Messages tab, type your message and click Send Message

Bulk Messaging Leads

Don't worry about having to copy and paste the same message over and over again. Let multiple leads know about a showing, all at once.

Or found a great tenant? Congrats! It's easy to let the rest of your leads know that the rental is no longer available.

Step 1 - Click the Leads tab along the toolbar in your account

Step 2 - Select all leads or use the checkboxes to select the leads that you would like to message then click the Actions button at the top of the page and select Message Leads


Step 3 - Type your message and click Send Message.

Note: If a lead was accidentally selected to receive a bulk message, you can easily remove them by clicking on the “x” next to their name.


Messaging an Applicant or Tenant:

Option 1 - Click the Applicants or Tenants tab along the toolbar in your account then click View Applicant / View Tenant next to the renter you would like to message




Option 2 - Click the Messages tab, type your message and press Send Message


Renters will be notified that they have a new message from you via email and/or text message. Renters will be taken to their TurboTenant account where they can read your message and reply to you. If you receive a new message you will be notified via email and/or text. You can update your notification preferences from your account settings under the Advanced tab.

You can update your account settings by:

  • Log into your TurboTenant account

  • Select Account in the bottom right-hand corner, then selecting Settings

  • To edit the Advanced settings, you can select Advanced at the top of the page.

  • Scroll down and click the Notification Preferences link to change any item you wish to update.

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