What does the renter application look like? What questions are on the renter application?

The renter application asks for information about the applicant's personal information, residence, employment, and other relevant information. The application is an online form divided into five sections: Applicant Info, Employment, Misc. Info, Documents, and Payment Info. Only the fields marked with an asterisk* are required in order to complete the application. 

Step 1: Are you Applying as a Tenant or a Co-Signer?


If the applicant chooses Tenant, they will be asked several more questions: 


If the renter chooses Co-signer, they will be asked different questions: 



Step 2: The renter is asked basic information questions.




The following fields are included on the first page of the application:

  • Name*
  • Birthdate*
  • Social Security Number*
  • Confirm Social Security Number*
  • Email Address*
  • Confirm Email Address*
  • Telephone*
  • Emergency contact*

You can continue to the next page by clicking "Next:Address"

Step 3: The renter is asked to provide current and past residence details



The following fields are included on the second page of the application:

  • Current Address*
  • Reason for Moving
  • Landlord Contact Info*
  • Past Address
  • Reason for Moving
  • Landlord Contact Info

You can continue to the next page by clicking "Next: Income"

Step 4: The renter is asked to provide details pertaining to income


The following fields are included on the third page of the application:

  • Current Employer
  • Current Employment Location
  • Current Employment Position
  • Current Employment Income
  • Current Employment State Date
  • Current Employment Contact Name and Phone Number 
  • Other Income Sources 
  • Current Bank or Financial Institution 

You can continue to the next page by clicking "Next: Additional Info"

Step 5: The renter is asked a few general questions




The following fields are included on the fourth page of the application:

  • Pets, if yes requires additional info*
  • Vehicles, if yes requires additional info*
  • Smoking Habits*
  • Eviction Information* 
  • Criminal History*
  • Bankruptcy History*
  • Special Needs or Requirements*

At the bottom of this page, you will be required to check the box to agree to the terms of use and privacy policy

You can continue to the next page by clicking "Next: Documents"

Step 6: Here the renter has the opportunity to upload supporting documents

documents.PNGThe renter is asked to upload a copy of: 

  • Government-issued photo Id
  • Proof off Income/employment
  • Other documents requested by landlord  

You can continue to the next page by clicking "Next: Pay $45 Fee"

Step 7: Renter Pays for Application



The final section of the application asks for payment information in order to process the application fee. Once completed, click the "Pay $45.00" button to complete the application. The price for the report ($35 for TurboReport and $45 for TurboReport Pro) will be listed here.

Step 8: Renter will set a password 



TurboTenant Pro Tip

  • A prospective renter can easily upload documents that are included with the online rental application (e.g., driver's license, pay stubs, new hire letter, etc.). There is no limit to the number of uploads a tenant can include with their application.
  • A landlord can easily edit the renter's application after it is received. To update any information click on the Application Tab and then click "edit." This is helpful if information is missing or there are changes to the original application.
  • If you'd like to change between the two types of TurboReports, check this article for how to do so: How do I switch the type of screening report that I run on my applicant?
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