Instant Screening Reports

Here's how to ensure you have access to this efficient screening tool.

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At TurboTenant, we believe in making the rental process faster and easier.

Instant Screening Reports eliminate the normal 2- to 3-day timeframe you need to wait for an applicant to approve the request. You’ll get the information you need to make a decision sooner, therefore filling your vacancy faster.

Here's how to ensure your Instant Screening Report access is activated in your TurboTenant account.

Step 1 - Provide your mailing address and phone number within your account settings.

TransUnion, our partner credit bureau, requires this information from all landlords in order to receive a prospective renter’s screening report.

To ensure you never have to wait for a screening report, enter your mailing address and phone number in your account settings as soon as you can.

Step 2 - Applicants can preemptively approve the screening request on the last step of their application.

TransUnion requires applicants to approve the request that verifies their identity. This step must be completed in order for you to receive their screening report (see why here).

If the applicant doesn’t approve the screening request as part of their application, you’ll need to wait for them to go through the verification process after requesting their screening report.

Step 3 - Select "See Screening Report"

If the applicant preemptively completes their identity verification, you will select "See Screening Report" and you will receive it in seconds.

Didn’t get an applicant's screening report back instantly?

Here are the reasons you may have to wait to receive their screening report:

  1. Your mailing address and/or phone number were not entered into your TurboTenant account. You may enter them in Account Settings so you get your next report instantly.

  2. The applicant didn’t opt to preemptively approve the screening report and verify their identity as part of their rental application. This means they will need to do so after you request the report again.

  3. The applicant’s identity verification expired. TransUnion only allows for an applicant’s identity verification to last for 30 days. If you requested their screening report 30 days after they already verified their identity, you will have to need to go through this process again.

Still have questions? Reach out to our Support Team via chat or by email at [email protected].

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