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What is the Premium Plan, and What is Included With My Purchase?
What is the Premium Plan, and What is Included With My Purchase?

Get an overview of all the exclusive features you can access with a Premium subscription.

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TurboTenant's Premium Plan gives members all-inclusive access to everything TurboTenant has to offer, all in one place:

Premium Marketing & Screening 🏠

Faster Listing Review

Get priority access to the top listing sites across the internet with prioritized marketing. Normally takes up to 48 hours for free users.

Lower Screening Fees

Your renters will pay $45 instead of $55 for their applications and screening reports.

Custom Pre-Screener Questions

Fine-tune your tenant search with Custom Pre-Screener Questions. Set up four specific questions to quickly identify suitable candidates, streamlining your screening process effectively.

Custom Application Questions

Dive deeper with Custom Application Questions. Integrate four targeted questions into our application, gaining crucial insights to make informed tenant selections.

Access to Income Insights

Included with every screening report, Premium landlords can verify tenant income within minutes via TransUnion. Learn more about Income Insights here.

Premium Payments 💸

Expedited Payments

Get your deposits faster so you can better manage your rental unit’s cash flow. With Premium, you'll receive your deposits in 2-4 business days* instead of 5-7 business days.

*Business days exclude holidays and weekends.

Unlimited Bank Accounts

With Premium, you can easily add multiple bank accounts to the same landlord account, and designate what payments go to which bank account – all in our professional and easy-to-use tool.

Free ACH Payments for Renters

Normally, renters pay a $2 convenience fee when they pay rent through TurboTenant via ACH (Bank Transfer). On Premium, this ACH fee is waived for your renters.

Premium Forms & Documents 📝

Unlimited State-Specific Lease Agreements

It takes about 15 minutes to customize a lease to fit your rental criteria. We’ll store it for you to reference later in the same place where you can accept rent payments, track maintenance, and more.

Unlimited Lease Addendums

Making adjustments to your lease agreement has never been easier. With a single form, you can change the language to allow a new pet or raise the rent. You do not need a TurboTenant Lease Agreement to create a Lease Addendum with us.

Unlimited Electronic Signatures

You’re already using digital tools to manage your rental professionally and conveniently–now you can sign as many documents digitally as you want, at no extra cost.

Landlord Forms Pack

Copies of inspection lists, notice-to-enter forms, and lease renewals used to live in filing cabinets. Now, they can live in your TurboTenant account. This is a $199 value included in your purchase of the Premium Plan!

Want to become a Premium Member?

Get your annual Premium Membership today and enjoy managing your rental from one place, all for the low price of $119.


Can I still use TurboTenant for free?

Absolutely! Landlords have access to market rentals, screen tenants, collect rent online, communicate with renters, and more, all for free through TurboTenant.

Do I have access to any paid features if I don't purchase the Premium Plan?

You can purchase the following as standalone items:

  • Lease agreements

  • Forms Pack

  • Screening Reports

  • Integrated Rental Accounting through REI Hub

TurboTip: The standalone items listed above are available for individual purchase, making them accessible even if you're not on our Premium Plan. All other features mentioned in the overview, including our e-sign feature, are exclusive perks for our Premium subscribers. Want all the bells and whistles? Consider diving into the full TurboTenant experience with our Premium Plan!

Still have questions? Reach out to our Support Team via chat or by email at [email protected]

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