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How Does a Tenant Purchase Renters Insurance Through Their TurboTenant Account?
How Does a Tenant Purchase Renters Insurance Through Their TurboTenant Account?

Learn how a renter can purchase renter's insurance from SURE Insurance inside their rental portal.

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Renter's Insurance can protect renters from damage, and theft, and protect their belongings in case of damage to the property. This is a great option to protect your renter's property.

Step 1 - When the landlord notifies the tenant that renters insurance is required, the renter will receive the following email:

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Step 2a - If the tenant does not already have renters insurance and would like to purchase it through their TurboTenant account, they can choose "Get Insurance Now"

Step 2b - Alternatively, the tenant can log in to their account and select the Purchase Insurance option within the To-Do tab of their account

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Step 3 - The tenant will fill out the SureApp Insurance form using the rental property information

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Step 4 - Once the form is complete, the tenant will receive a quote with the option to edit coverage and purchase.

Once purchased, they will receive an email with policy details, and the option to view it on their account.


The landlord will also receive an email notifying them that their tenant has purchased renters insurance. They can then log in and view the policy details within their account, within the tenant's profile.

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