Instead of being spread across texts, emails, and voicemails, you now have a centralized place to view, respond to, and track maintenance.

Here's how it works:

The tenant logs into their TurboTenant account and fills out a simple form for the maintenance request.

When the tenant submits the maintenance request, you’ll get an email notification letting you know about the issue.

Do you use TurboTenant to collect rent? We'll automatically ask your tenants if they have any maintenance issues when they pay rent through our Check-in feature. Checking in with them about maintenance makes sure a minor issue with your property doesn’t turn into a major one.

View the Maintenance Request

When you click on the link to view the maintenance request, you’ll be taken into your TurboTenant account where you can view the description and photos of the maintenance issue. You can also see who made the request and whether the tenant wants to coordinate a time of entry to address the issue.

If you need more information, or to set up a time to enter the property, simply click the "Send Message" button to start communicating with them through TurboTenant.

Once the issue has been addressed, you’ll also be able to resolve the maintenance request in TurboTenant. This helps you track what issues are handled and which ones still need your attention.

Keep Extensive Records

On the property “Maintenance” tab, you’ll be able to see a list of all maintenance requests associated with the property:

Whether a tenant decides to call you instead, or it’s time to replace the air filters, you can also add maintenance issues yourself. That way you’ll have an extensive record of maintenance issues within a property, so you always know the last time you replaced a broken appliance or fixed the water heater.

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