The rental application provides you with relevant information about a renter’s housing history, employment & income, and living preferences, giving you all the information you need to find your best tenant yet!

Ready to send someone a rental application? Here's how to invite a renter to apply from TurboTenant.

The application is divided into six sections:

Basic Information

To begin the application, the applicant selects whether they are applying as a tenant or co-signing for someone else. Then they are taken to the first section of the application, where they create an account and provide basic contact information, including the following:

  • Name

  • Date of Birth

  • Email

  • Phone

  • Emergency Contact Information


Housing History

Within the second section of the application, the applicant provides information about their housing history, including the following:

  • Current & past addresses

  • Reason for moving

  • The contact information of previous landlord(s)


Employment & Income

In the third section, the applicant provides information about their current income situation, including the following:

  • Current & past employers, including compensation

  • Employer contact info

  • Other income sources if applicable

  • Current financial institution

Pets, Smoking, Vehicles, & Background

In the fourth section, the applicant answers a few questions about their living habits and preferences/needs, including whether or not they have pets, plan to have vehicles at the property, or smoke.

Next, the applicant answers a few standard background questions, making you aware of any criminal history, evictions, and other relevant housing histories such as foreclosures. The renter also has an opportunity to make you aware of any special needs.

If you added any custom questions to the application, they will appear in this section as well.


After making their selections, applicants certify that all the information they are about to submit is correct, and grant permission for their information to be shared with you.

Document Upload

In the fifth section, the applicant has the opportunity to upload a photo-id, proof of income/employment, and any other documents you request. Make sure to reach out and let applicants know if you would like them to upload a particular document before they apply.


Application Fee

In the sixth and final section of the application, the renter is prompted to pay the application fee $45 for TurboReport.


At this point, the applicant has successfully created an account and can monitor the status of their application/screening report, purchase renters insurance, and edit their application info.

TurboTenant Pro Tips

  1. You can easily edit the renter's application after it is received. To update any information, go to that renter’s profile, click on the Application Tab, and then click Edit. This is helpful if any information is missing or there are changes to the original application.

  2. If you wish to receive an applicant's screening report instantly, make sure you enter your phone number and mailing address into your TurboTenant account. Learn more about instant screening reports. If you do have your phone and mailing address entered, the applicant will have the option to approve the credit and background check and verify their identity right after completing the application.

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