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Benefits of SURE Renter's Insurance
Benefits of SURE Renter's Insurance
Why use SURE through TurboTenant?
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SURE has partnered with TurboTenant to provide affordable and fast quotes to Tenants that are signed up with our platform.

Tenant Benefits

  1. Instant quote - Our platform already knows the answers to most required underwriting questions, allowing the tenant to receive a nearly instant quote and purchase a policy in under 90 seconds

  2. Affordable - many policies start at $8/month

  3. High Quality Coverage - SURE’s policies are backed by Assurant, a globally trusted insurance carrier that has been operating for over 125 years.

  4. Flexible payment - monthly or annual

  5. Reminders - if the policy expires or payment fails, TurboTenant will remind them.

Landlord Benefits

  1. Transparency - TurboTenant will not only inform you if the renter has purchased a policy, but if the policy expires or is canceled.

  2. Reminders - If policy is canceled or expires, we will send out reminders to the tenants so that they can restart coverage.

  3. Guaranteed Liability Coverage - All of SURE’s policies include $100k of liability coverage that will help cover any sort of unexpected damage to your property caused by the tenant.

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