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How Does E-Sign Work?

Get your lease documents signed electronically

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Avoid the hassle of meeting in person! TurboTenant makes it easy for your tenants to sign a document from their phone or computer. E-signing a document is free for Premium members, and you get unlimited documents with e-signatures. So why not get your documents signed in a fraction of the time?

TurboTip: You will need to create a lease profile first in order to get any documents e-signed. See how to add a lease profile here.

Video Walkthrough

In this brief video, we walk you through the entire e-signing process in TurboTenant.

Step 1 - Login to your TurboTenant account and go to the Leases tab in the left-hand column.

Step 2- Click on the relevant lease profile, then scroll down to Documents and select Request Electronic Signatures

TurboTip: If you already have a lease agreement and do not need to collect a signature because it has already been signed, click Upload Document. This option allows you to share or keep the document private!

Step 3 - Click Get is Signed Fast.

Step 4 - Upload or Drag and Drop a document with empty signature and date fields.

Need multiple documents signed? Upload them all and we’ll combine them so you only need to send one signature request.

Step 5 - Select which tenants on the lease need to sign the document and where they sign and date it. Missing a renter that needs to sign the document? Add them to the lease. See how to add them here.

Need someone to sign who isn't a renter on the lease (eg. a 2nd landlord)? Simply add them as an additional signer by selecting Add Additional Signer.

TurboTip: Once you send the signature request you cannot edit it without canceling the entire request and starting over. If anyone has signed and it is canceled, they will be prompted to sign again.

Step 6 - After entering a message to the signing parties, select Set Signatures, you will be prompted with a short tutorial on how it works, click Get Started. Next, select the relevant fields (Ex: signature, initials, or date). Drag the field to the appropriate place. Each signer will have their own designated signature, click the Signer box to select the signer!

After that, click on "Send for Signature" and you will receive a confirmation.

Step 7 - TurboTenant will email each signer and walk them through the process.

You have the ability to effortlessly check the current status of your signature request, which is displayed below:

Step 7 - Landlords always sign last! We'll email you when it's your turn to sign.

After you sign, we'll notify everyone by email that the signed document is ready! Tenants can access the document in their TurboTenant renter account in the Documents section, while additional signers can download the document directly from the email they receive after the landlord has signed the document.

TurboTip: Wondering about our e-sign feature? It's a special perk just for our Premium Plan members!

Go digital and streamline your lease signing process by becoming a Premium subscriber today!

Still have questions? Reach out to our Support Team via chat or by email at [email protected]

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