How does e-sign work?
Get your lease documents signed online
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Avoid the hassle of meeting in person! TurboTenant makes it easy for your tenants to sign a document from their phone or computer. E-signing a document only costs $15 regardless of how many people sign it. Premium members get unlimited documents with e-signatures. So why not get your documents signed in a fraction of the time?

Note: You will need to create a lease profile first in order to get any documents e-signed. See how to add a lease profile here.

Video Walkthrough

In this brief video, we walk you through the entire e-signing process in TurboTenant.

Step 1 - Login to your TurboTenant account and go to the Leases tab.

Step 2- Click on the relevant lease profile, then click Actions and Request E-signature.

Step 3 - Click Get Started, then pay the $15 fee.

Step 4 - Upload a document with empty signature and date fields.

Need multiple documents signed? Upload them all and we’ll combine them so you only need to send one signature request.

Step 5 - Select which tenants on the lease need to sign the document and where they sign and date it. Missing a renter that needs to sign the document? Add them to the lease. See how to add them here. Need someone to sign who isn't a renter on the lease (eg. a 2nd landlord)? Simply add them as an additional signer.

Note: Once you send the signature request you can't edit it without canceling the entire request and starting over.

Step 6 - TurboTenant will email each signer and walk them through the process.

Step 7 - We'll email you when it's your turn to sign. Landlords always sign last.


After you sign, we send everyone a signed copy. Tenants can access the document in their TurboTenant renter account, while additional signers can download the document directly from the email they receive after you've signed the document.

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