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REI Hub: Setup & Billing Details
REI Hub: Setup & Billing Details

Learn more about how to get started with REI Hub and the billing options for our integrated accounting tool.

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TurboTenant aims to make your entire rental management process as simple and streamlined as possible.

Our partnership with REI Hub allows you to access rental accounting software directly from your TurboTenant account, and it automatically syncs all of your rentals and rent payments.

REI Hub’s accounting software is made specifically for landlords and real estate investors to make bookkeeping easier, more efficient, and less stressful. Here, you can find more information on how to purchase an REI Hub subscription through TurboTenant and how to set up your new dashboard.

Setting Up Your REI Hub Subscription

Accounting is an add-on service for all TurboTenant users.

You can access this feature by logging into your TurboTenant account and clicking on the Accounting tab in the left-hand navigation bar from your dashboard. You can find it in the Financial section of the menu.

From here, you can demo REI Hub’s accounting software and sign up for a subscription.

Your price is automatically set based on the number of properties you have in TurboTenant. Although you will be redirected to REI Hub’s platform in the next step, remember that all billing is handled directly through TurboTenant for your convenience.

After you enter your payment information, you’ll have the option to set up your REI Hub dashboard immediately or at a later time.

When you select to set up your REI Hub subscription, you will be walked through a user-friendly onboarding process to ensure you’re starting off on the right foot and that you fully understand your new REI Hub platform.

After answering a few guided questions, you’ll land on your REI Hub dashboard, where you can view all TurboTenant information that has already automatically synced.

Need Help With Set Up?

If you need assistance while setting up your REI Hub Account, REI Hub’s customer support team is available via email at [email protected] or by phone support during business hours (9 am - 5 pm EST) at 888-939-6865.

Billing Details

REI Hub subscriptions are priced per TurboTenant rental. If you add or remove rentals from your portfolio after signing up, we’ll automatically adjust your plan’s price to reflect any changes. Your upgraded subscription cost will apply on your next due date in your billing cycle.

Your billing cycle is monthly from the date you purchased the subscription.
TurboTenant users receive a 50% discount on their subscription price for the first two months. Learn more.

Breakdown of Your Monthly Cost




$15 / mo


$20 / mo


$25 / mo


$30 / mo


$35 / mo


$40 / mo


$45 / mo


$50 / mo


$55 / mo


$60 / mo


$65 / mo


$70 / mo


$75 / mo


$80 / mo

15 or more*

$85 / mo

Our subscription pricing options top out at $85 per month, meaning if you have more than 15 properties, each additional property is free.

Accessing/Managing Your Subscription

You can access and manage your REI Hub subscription within TurboTenant at any time by clicking on Account in the left-hand navigation on your dashboard. Click on Settings.

Then, navigate over to the Billing tab at the top of the page to view your REI Hub subscription status. If you need to cancel your subscription, this is the place in which you can do so.

Still have questions? Reach out to our Support Team via chat or by email at [email protected].

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