IMPORTANT NOTE: Rental leases/agreements are not included in the forms pack. You may learn more about Lease Agreements here.

You can purchase the forms pack within the Forms tab in your account for a one-time fee of $145; or you can upgrade to our Premium Plan and get all the forms for only $99.

The following forms are included within The Ultimate Landlord Forms Pack:

  1. Co-Signer Agreement - An agreement that has a 3rd party, that is not occupying the property, accept responsibility for the fulfillment of the terms of the lease agreement.

  2. Pet Addendum - Agreement to allow certain pets to live at the property, including a description of the number and types of pets, tenant's liability, pet deposit, fees, and other terms.

  3. Condition Report (Move-in/out) - Documents the condition of the rental property at the time of move-in and move-out to determine if any damages occurred or deductions to the deposit are needed.

  4. Security Deposit Closing Statement - Provides a statement of any deductions to a security deposit. Typically returned with any remaining deposit (if applicable) to the tenant after move-out.

  5. Rent Increase Notice - Letter template to inform month-to-month tenants of an increase in rent. ***Ensure you follow your state's notice requirement when providing to the tenant.

  6. Notice to Pay Rent or Quit - Notice to tenant to pay rent or vacate. ***The notice period (amount of days) varies by state, ensure you follow your state's notice requirements when providing to the tenant.

  7. Cleaning Required Notice - Notice regarding the requirement to perform additional cleaning upon move-out. Required in some states prior to deducting cleaning charges from a deposit.

  8. 24 Hour Notice to Enter - Letter template to inform the tenant of notice to enter the property. ***Ensure you follow your state's notice requirement when providing to the tenant.

  9. Lease Renewal or Extension - Addendum to change the term of the lease, rent amount, security deposit, or other provisions.

  10. Property Inspection - Exterior - Property exterior inspection is useful for periodic inspections or when evaluating a rental property to purchase.

  11. Property Inspection - Interior - Property interior inspection is useful for periodic inspections or when evaluating a rental property to purchase.

  12. Cash For Keys Agreement - Agreement to compensate the tenant to move out contingent upon leaving the property in an acceptable condition at an agreed-upon date.

  13. General Cleaning Checklist - A general cleaning checklist is given ahead of time for the tenants to follow at the time of move-out.

  14. Drug-Free Housing Addendum - Addendum to specifically address that a property does not allow the usage of drugs on the premises.

  15. Contact In Case of Emergency - Phone and contact information for tenants in the event of an emergency at the property.

  16. Budget Tracking Worksheet - A worksheet to track the budgeted vs actual expenditures for a rental property.

  17. Federal Fair Housing Poster - Poster that specifies the federal fair housing laws and the requirement to not discriminate based on any of the protected classes.

  18. Lead-Based Paint Disclosure - Required EPA lead-based paint disclosure form for residential properties built prior to 1978.

  19. Protect Your Family From Lead in Your Home - EPA lead-based paint informational handout: How to Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home

  20. Maintenance Checklist - General property maintenance worksheet/checklist for landlord or maintenance personnel.

  21. Move-Out Checklist - Checklist for landlords to organize the tenant move-out process.

  22. Move-Out Cleaning Checklist - Provide tenants with a cleaning checklist for when they move out.

  23. Noise Complaint Letter - Letter from landlord to tenants regarding excessive noise.

  24. Notice of Returned Check - Letter from landlord to tenant providing notice for a returned check payment and demand for payment.

  25. Operating Budget Worksheet - Property operating budget and financial planning worksheet.

  26. Preventative Maintenance Schedule - Annual schedule of periodic and preventative property maintenance, organized by month. E.g., sprinkler blowouts, duct cleaning, etc.

  27. Property Make-Ready Checklist - A checklist for landlords to follow to ensure that a property is ready for tenant's occupancy.

  28. Tenant's Notice of Termination - A notice for tenants wishing to terminate a month-to-month lease agreement so both parties have a termination in writing.

  29. Tenant Estoppel Certificate - Used when taking over ownership/management of a property with a tenant already in place.

  30. Property Rules and Regulations - Create a list of guidelines, rules, and regulations that tenants must comply with as a condition of renting the property.

  31. Trust Account Ledger - Record payments, disbursements, security deposits, and other accounting.

  32. Welcome Letter -Letter to new tenants with information on initial payments and utility setup.

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