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How do I fix TransUnion Errors?
How do I fix TransUnion Errors?

TransUnion Verification Errors & Ways to correct the issue.

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When it comes to screening, report accuracy is essential. Be sure your name matches your Social Security Card or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. You'll also want to check that your name and address are accurate. If you live in an apartment or duplex, make sure to include that in the Unit field.

Log in to your rental portal at the TurboTenant Renter Login Page.

Step 1: Verify your identity, click Approve Request

Step 2: Enter your Income and Employment

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Step 3: Answer the unique identifying questions.

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TurboTip: If you get any additional errors, please reach out to Support for additional information at [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I don't have an SSN. Can I still complete the screening report?

Yes! Any applicant can complete the screening report with an ITIN.

Will this affect my credit score?

Not to worry! The screening report generated by TransUnion is a soft pull, so it will not affect the applicant's score.

I don't have an SSN or an ITIN. Can I still complete the screening report?

For your identity to be verified, a Social Security Number or an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) must be provided at the time of completion. Please contact your landlord.

My screening report states that "TransUnion is unable to verify your identity". What can I do?

If the message appears after you have answered the verification questions, this indicates that TransUnion could not authenticate their identity using the provided answers. In this case, the applicant will be given a phone number and directed to contact TransUnion by phone at (833) 458-6338 to complete the verification process.

My screening reports, "Unable to connect to TransUnion". What can I do?

If the message appears after you've answered the verification questions, this indicates we were unable to connect to TransUnion. You will be prompted to contact our Support team to remedy this.

I contacted TransUnion, and they were told they have a "thin file" What does that mean?

TransUnion reports that I have a "thin file" when an individual has a minimal credit history. In order to complete the report and create a file, TransUnion will request the applicant provide a copy of your government-issued photo ID, along with a recent bank statement or utility bill to [email protected]. When TransUnion receives the requested documentation, it can take up to 48 hours to process, and you will receive an email confirmation and an update from TransUnion directly.

While the screening report will not offer credit information, it will still provide information regarding criminal history, evictions, etc.

Why am I being asked Identity Authentication questions?

All renters who apply and are requested to complete a screening report are asked to verify their identity online to ensure the process is secure. This helps prevent fraudulent access to consumer data.

What if I am unable to pass Identity Authentication online?

When you verify your identity, you must answer a series of personal questions to authenticate identity before TransUnion can release the credit report and criminal record data to a landlord. If any difficulty transpires with this process, you will be prompted to call TransUnion.

Still have questions? Reach out to our Support Team via chat or by email at [email protected].

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