TurboTenant eliminates the hassle and anxiety of having to tell applicants that they’re not the right fit for your property by notifying them for you. Whether their previous landlord had a less than glowing report, their screening report didn’t pass your requirements, or the property is being taken for someone else, you can easily turn down applicants without having to worry about what to say.

Not Moving In

You’ll find the Not Moving In option within an Applicant's profile. Navigate to the Renters section -> Applicant tab and click on the individual to view their profile. After looking over their application and screening report (if you’ve requested one), click NOT MOVING IN.

Have a renter who is moving into your property? Learn about converting an Applicant to a Tenant in our Moving in Help Center Article.


Upon clicking `Not Moving In’ you'll see 3 options:


(1) Archive Applicant

Selecting this option moves the applicant to the ‘Archived’ section of the Applicants tab so that you only see the applicants relevant to you. You’ll still have access to their information and can unarchive them at any time if you change your mind. Archiving is also helpful if you may be interested in renting to them in the future, but they are not moving in this time around.

(2) Deny Applicant (Without Sending Message)

Choose the ‘Deny Applicant (Without Sending Message)’ option if you have denied their request but are going to notify them outside of TurboTenant. This will not notify the applicant that you have denied their request, and they will be archived allowing you to focus on the most relevant applicants. You’ll still have access to view their information at any time if you change your mind.

(3) Deny Applicant & Send Message

Select the option to ‘Deny Applicant & Send a Message’, and TurboTenant will send the applicant an email that is in compliance with fair housing laws, letting the applicant know they’ve been turned down, and allowing you to turn your attention to future tenants who will be worth your while. You can see more information about what’s in the email we send by clicking this link to view the Deny Applicant Email.

Pro Tip: Add a note to the Activity Log


TurboTenant automatically logs the activity of renters, but remember you can add notes to help you remember why you made your decision.


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