How Do I Move In An Applicant?

Learn how to assign an applicant to a lease within TurboTenant, after deciding they're a great fit for your property

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When an applicant becomes a tenant, TurboTenant attaches them to a lease profile for the rental they will move into, allowing you to easily organize several renters assigned to the same rental.

How to Convert an Applicant to a Tenant in TurboTenant

  • Find the Accept button on the renters' profile:

    To get here, click on the Applicants tab in the main navigation of your dashboard, then select the individual to view their profile.

TurboTip: For applicants who are not a great fit and will not be moving in, we suggest reading this Help Center article: How do I work with applicants who are not moving in?

Add them to a Lease Profile:

Here you can create a new lease, add to an existing lease and select others that they applied with! This adds them to a lease profile. If you already have an existing lease that you'd like to add the renter to, simply select the name of the lease profile from the dropdown menu.

TurboTip: If you have already built your lease profile, you can add the tenants manually! This is good for existing renters or renters that do not need a screening report or application.

TurboTip: A lease profile in TurboTenant does NOT create a written agreement or legal document. This is a feature you will need to set up separately.

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