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Guide for Landlords: Use online condition reports to simplify your move-in and move-out

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What are Condition Reports?

Condition Reports in TurboTenant are digital versions of the reports that you or a tenant fill out at move-in, move-out, or during any periodic inspections.

Condition Reports are used to establish the condition of a property at different points during a rental cycle. They are important when determining if any maintenance is required at move-in or move-out and help landlords appropriately document conditions to determine security deposit deductions at move-out.

Why Use TurboTenant for Condition Reports?

  • Easy to Create & Use - Landlords tailor their condition report to their property, and renters fill it out, all without using paper.

  • Stored Forever & Easy to Find - You can always find and view past condition reports in the same place, for easy reference when you determine security deposit returns.

  • Avoid "he said, she said" conflicts - Condition reports that are accessible and easy to reference by all parties ensure that disputes will always have an answer.

How do I use Condition Reports?

Follow our guide below to build and send out your first condition report!

Finding Condition Reports

You find Condition Reports on lease profiles. Using the navigation bar on the left, find "Leases." Then, select the lease profile for which you'd like to start a condition report.

Once you're in the lease profile, click the Condition Reports tab.

Configure a Condition Report

After you click 'Create Report' on the Lease Profile, you will begin set up.

During the set-up process, you will:

  1. Name the condition report template. We recommend naming it after the property.

  2. Customize the spaces in your rental. A 2-bed, 2-bath apartment needs a different condition report template than your 3-bed, 1-bath single family home.

  3. Pick the items that should be reported on. These include things like floors, walls, and doors. You can add features like baseboards, cabinets and more.

  4. Review and Save. Your condition report template is complete, and ready to use!

Sending a Condition Report

After your report is configured, you can either upload it from your computer by clicking the Upload button, or send it to yourself or your tenants by clicking the Add button.

If you click the Upload button, you can select the file from your computer, then select the Report Type, and name your file.

If you click Add, choose the Report Type and decide on a due date for the report. Then, decide if you or your tenants will complete the report.

  • If you select Tenants, you can choose which of your renters to send the report to. They will receive an email with a custom message, highlighting the due date of the report.

  • If you select Me, you will have the opportunity to download the blank report to print and fill out, or you can fill out the report digitally by clicking Fill Out Now.

Filling Out a Condition Report

After you send the condition report, the recipient will receive an email prompting them to complete and sign the report.

They can select "Poor," "Fair," or "Good" for each of the rooms and features of the report that you defined above.

Whenever "Poor" or "Fair" is selected, they will be asked to provide notes. They can also take and upload any photos so that you are enabled to address any potential issues.

If you sent the report to your tenants: Once the report is completed and signed by the tenant, we will notify you via email. Then, you will have the opportunity to approve and sign the condition report, or consult with your tenants about any disagreements about the property's current condition.

Signing & Approving Condition Reports

Once you receive the report via email, you can view your tenants' assessment of your property's condition. Notes they provide will be viewable in the main table of the report.

Photos will be appended for easy reference โ€“ example below.

Once you finish reviewing the report, you can approve the report to save it. You can download it at any time.

Finding Completed Condition Reports

Condition reports will live on your lease profile, and will be accessible at any time for download or preview.

We recommend at minimum using condition reports for move-in and move-out to avoid security deposit disputes. Some landlords may want to use condition reports in the middle of a lease, too, to catch any issues in the middle of a tenancy.

Uploading Your Own Condition Reports

If you'd like to store your own condition reports, you can upload and store them in TurboTenant for easy reference and organization.

It's easy - click the upload icon, then select the file. It will live in your lease profile, under the Condition Report tab.

Still have questions? Reach out to our Support Team via chat or by email at [email protected].

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