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Error When Trying to Complete an E-Sign Request?
Error When Trying to Complete an E-Sign Request?
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What Does the Error "At Least One Non-Date Field Required" Mean?

In case you encounter an error message stating "At least one non-date field required" while editing documents, this article is here to help you understand the meaning of this error and provide effective solutions to resolve it.

Error Meaning and Resolution

The error message indicates that you'll need to select at least one "non-date field" from the "Drag & Drop" menu, on the left, to be applied in the document before you can send it to your client. A field will need to be included for each individual listed in the lease profile.

Some examples of non-date fields include Signature, Initials, Textbox, Checkbox, Dropdown, and Radio Group.


Having this knowledge will help you to quickly resolve any errors related to this topic. Make sure to select at least one non-date field from the drag & drop menu for each individual profile listed in the document.

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