The TurboTenant Lease Agreement has an “Additional Terms” section where you can add any additional provisions for your lease agreement in a free-form text field.

While this option works for most situations, there are times when you need to include a specific attachment as an addendum to your lease agreement.

You have the ability to include separate files as addendums to your TurboTenant lease agreement during the E-Sign process. Once you have paid for your lease agreement, you can click the “Request E-Signature” button to start the E-Sign process.

You can add any additional attachments to your lease agreement on the first step of the E-Sign process.

These additional attachments will appear as addendums to the lease agreement within the document tenants receive to sign. If you need the tenants to sign these additional attachments, you can add signature prompts to them on the signature placement step of the E-Sign process, before you send the document out for signing.

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