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REI Hub: Multifamily Property Setup
REI Hub: Multifamily Property Setup

Use TurboTenant to manage a multifamily property? Here’s how to set up your account to properly sync with our integrated accounting tool

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Our partnership with REI Hub allows landlords to access rental accounting software right from their TurboTenant account.

Do you manage a multifamily property through TurboTenant? REI Hub charges by the unit (rather than property level) for its accounting software. For example, if you have a duplex with two units, you'll be charged for each of those two units. Note: Room rentals are not counted individually, but are rather tied to the unit level.

Here is our recommendation on how to properly set up your TurboTenant account to smoothly integrate with REI Hub.

For any multifamily property, make sure your property is correctly set up as one in TurboTenant. You can select from small multi-family properties to apartment buildings.

From here, you can add as many rental units to your property level to ensure each one is counted in REI Hub.

After your TurboTenant information is synced, REI Hub automatically associates TurboTenant properties and units with similar addresses together as one property in your REI Hub dashboard.

By setting up multifamily properties this way, you can ensure everything in TurboTenant works smoothly, and your accounting outputs to REI Hub are accurate and follow best practices.


You can also check out our YouTube video about REI Hub and what it looks like on your dashboard.

Have questions?

If you have questions about REI Hub’s software, REI Hub’s customer support team is available for assistance.

Email support is available at [email protected] and phone support is available during business hours (9 am - 5 pm EST) at 888-939-6865.

If you have questions about billing, learn more here or please contact TurboTenant’s support team at [email protected].

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