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Autopay: Put Your Rent Payments On Autopilot
Autopay: Put Your Rent Payments On Autopilot

How to set up and use automatic payments on TurboTenant as a renter.

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Between utilities, phone bills, countless subscriptions, and student loans there are a lot of bills to remember to pay on time. That’s why TurboTenant made it easy for renters like you to automate your monthly rent payments.

With Autopay, our robots worry about your due dates so you don’t have to.

How to Enroll in Autopay

Here’s how to set up automatic payments for any (or all) of your recurring monthly charges — such as rent or a utility charge — within TurboTenant.

1. From your Tenant Dashboard, click on “Settings” in the left-hand navigation column. At the top of the page, switch to the “Payments” tab.

If you’re new to TurboTenant, you’ll notice an Autopay notification on your dashboard. Click on “Enroll in Autopay.”

TurboTip: Both of these options will take you to the same page.

2. Your Autopay feature will be turned “Off” by default. To turn it on, click on “Enroll in Autopay.”

3. At this point, checkmark the “Charges” you want to put on autopilot. These should be the recurring payments you don’t want to remember to pay each month. All payment due dates are marked on the charge for your convenience.

TurboTip: Any monthly charges you enroll in Autopay are withdrawn from your payment method on the due date.

4. Click on “Save Autopay Settings.” And that’s it! You’re all set for automatic payments. You’ll be redirected to the same “Payments” tab in “Settings.” You’ll notice that Autopay is now turned “On,” and you’ll be able to see any of the charges for which you set up automatic payments.

How to Turn Off Autopay

If you no longer want to schedule your recurring payments, you can always turn off Autopay at any point.

Click on “Settings” in the left-hand navigation column, then switch over to the “Payments” tab. Click on “Turn Off Autopay.”

And that’s it! You’ll be redirected to the “Payments” tab in “Settings,” on which you’ll see that Autopay is no longer enabled and is turned “Off.”

Updating Autopay

Want to add automatic payments for new charges? Need to update your Autopay information or settings? Doing so is easy.

1. Click on “Settings” in the left-hand navigation column, then switch over to the “Payments” tab. Click on “Update Settings.”

2. Check any charges for which you want to begin automatic payments, or uncheck charges you no longer want to pay automatically. Click “Save Autopay Settings.”

3. You’ll be redirected to the “Payments” tab in “Settings,” on which you’ll see your updated Autopay settings. All done!

Can’t Find Autopay?

Automatic payments are a lease-specific setting set by your landlord. If you are unable to locate Autopay in your dashboard, it is because your landlord has not enabled automatic payments for your lease.

To verify this, go to your Account Settings in the left-hand column navigation. Under the “Payments” tab, you’ll see if Autopay is disabled by your landlord. If it is, you can message them within TurboTenant to ask them to turn this feature on.

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