Pay Rent Online Using TurboTenant

Forget about the tedious process of mailing checks or dropping off payments. Pay rent online using your secure TurboTenant account.

Getting Set Up

When your landlord requests a payment, you will be notified via email. Click the "Make Payment" button in the email to log in with your TurboTenant account. You will be prompted to create a password if you don’t have a TurboTenant account yet.

Forgot your password? You can reset it here. Want to set up Autopay on your account so you can put your payments on autopilot? Learn about that process here.

Next, you can view and select the charge(s) you want to pay.


When you make your first payment, you will need to add a payment method. You have the option to connect your bank account or add a credit/debit card.

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Making payments is completely free when connecting your bank account — this is called an ACH transfer. If you opt to pay with a credit or debit card, a convenience fee of 3.49% is applied.

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If you choose to pay via your bank account, you can either enter your bank information manually or connect your online bank account. If you click "Add Via Login," you’ll select your bank and enter your online login information.

Your payment information is encrypted and not viewable by TurboTenant or your landlord.


If your bank isn't on our list of partnered financial institutions, don't sweat it! You will, however, need to go back and click the "Enter Manually" button on the previous page. During this process, you'll be prompted to enter your account and routing numbers to connect your account manually.*

*If you decide to manually add your bank account, you will be required to verify your account using micro-deposits. These typically take 1-2 business days to be deposited into your bank account. You can read more on this process here.

Making a Payment

You will be notified that a charge is ready for you to pay 7 days before its due date. To make a payment, select the charge(s) you want to pay and click "Make Payment."


Your landlord is notified when you pay. The money will be taken out of your account in 2 to 3 business days, and your landlord can expect to receive the funds within 5 to 7 business days.

We will notify you when a new charge is ready for you to pay. Payments will never be taken out of your account automatically (unless, of course, you have turned on Autopay).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can other renters on my lease make a payment?

Anyone on your lease can pay the charge. If your landlord has partial payments enabled on your lease, you and your housemates can easily pay their share of the charge while leaving the remaining amount for others on the lease.

How do I know my payment is received successfully?

Once you have paid a charge, the status will update from "Unpaid" or "Past Due" to "Paid". You can view Payment Details to see if the transfer is still processing or has been deposited into your landlord’s account.


Can I set up my account to make payments automatically?

Yes! We are happy to offer Autopay for our landlords and their tenants. Learn more about how to set up automatic payments in this article. Please note that your landlord must have this feature enabled in order for you to use it.

How do I change my payment information?

You can connect a new bank account or credit/debit card at any time in the "Payments" tab of your Account Settings.

What if my payment fails?

If your payment fails, you will receive an email from TurboTenant prompting you to log into your account and retry the payment.

Still have questions? We're happy to help. You can contact our team by chatting us (bottom right corner of this page) or by emailing us at

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