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Feedback From Tenants On Maintenance Requests
Feedback From Tenants On Maintenance Requests

We prompt tenants to give feedback on how a maintenance request was handled.

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At TurboTenant, we believe that frequent interaction and feedback are important to the landlord-tenant relationship. That's why we allow tenants to give you feedback on how a maintenance request was handled. This lets you know how you did and if the issue has been resolved.

Here's how it works:

When you resolve a maintenance request in TurboTenant, you can notify your tenants that the work is done.

If you select to notify them, your tenants receive an email letting them know the maintenance request was resolved. They are also asked to give feedback on how the issue was handled.

When the tenant selects either the thumbs-up or the thumbs-down button, they can then provide more information about why they picked that.

When your tenants fill it out, you'll receive an email with the feedback they provided.

We'll also store feedback provided by your tenants under the "Activity" section within the maintenance request.

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