When I Share My Listing by Email, What Does It Say?

When you share your listing by email it will send an email to your lead. It will provide them with a link to apply to the property.

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Sharing your listing by email is easy! To get started, you'll visit the listing page of your property. On the screen, to the right, there will be an option to share your listing page.

After including the lead's first/last name, and an email address, the listing will be sent to the lead via email.

When you share your property listing by email, it will be sent directly to your Lead. It will display the message below.

To get started in this process, log in to your account to share your listing.

The name and contact information associated with your TurboTenant account will also display at the end of the email under the "If you have any questions please contact the landlord:" section.

TurboTenant Pro Tips

For instructions on how to share your property's TurboTenant listing page, read our help article: How do I share my TurboTenant property listing web page?

Still have questions? Reach out to our Support Team via chat or by email at [email protected].

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