To share your property’s listing by text or email, you have two options:

Option 1a - Log in and navigate to the Properties page. Find the property listing you want to share, and select "Share Listing" at the bottom of the property card.

Note: The "Share Listing" option will only be available in this view for properties that are currently marketing online. You can still share the listing for a property that you aren't currently marketing online by going to the manage property page for that property (see Option 1b below).

Option 1b - Select the property to go to the manage property page for the property. You will see an option to share the listing under the Overview tab.

Note: If your property doesn't have a listing associated with it yet, you'll see an option that says "Create Listing Page" instead of "Share Listing". Once you have created your listing page, you'll be able to share it following the steps above.

In the share listing form, you'll enter the renter's email and/or phone number, and we'll send a message to them with a link to the property listing.

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